Michelle is here!

Please excuse my lack of blogging lately as Devin’s mom came into town Monday night around 6:30 and has been a blessing to me ever since she stepped her little feet into this house.  She’s been cleaning since she got here, changing poopy diapers, stocking all our cabinets with groceries, doing laundry, and she’s even cooking dinner and dessert every night.  She’s been an AMAZING help to Devin and I, and to Rylea.  I have been so happy to spend time with her that I haven’t made it to the computer much.

You might or might not know that Michelle is an amazingly crafty/artsy woman with a great eye for design.  She’s going to paint a mural in Rylea’s room, and we went to the bookstore yesterday (against doctor’s orders that we’re not supposed to take Rylea out of the house until she’s 8 weeks old, have you ever heard of that?) to get ideas, and we found some great stuff.  I can’t wait to see it finished!  We’re headed to the store today to pick up paint and a few other things for the room.  I’ll be posting pictures when it’s completely done, so make sure you check back! 

In Rylea news, she’s 3 weeks old tomorrow (why couldn’t three weeks of pregnancy have gone by this quickly) and she’s changing everyday.  She’s way more alert now and loves to look around at everything.  She follows me with her eyes if I walk around her and move around.  She’s up for a couple of hours in between naps during the day, and she’s just great when she’s awake.  Her cord fell of a few days ago and now she loves getting her real baths.  She’s so adorable sitting in the water just looking around and making noises.  Being a mommy is the best thing in the world!


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