Sleeping Woes and Father’s Day

Well, last night was a very long one with the Sugar Plum (that’s what we’ve been calling Rylea since Devin called her that the other night). I was up with her every 2 hours. She was hungry, needed diaper changes, and refused to sleep in her crib alone. I had to pick her up and rock her back to sleep everytime and then put her down once she was sleeping. Only, a few times, I feel asleep with her on my chest only to wake up 2 hours later with a Rylea right there. Crazy night.

Lately, Ry will not go to sleep unless she is laying on someone’s chest. She’ll lay in her crib and wimper and cry for 10 minutes if I let her, but as soon as I pick her up and put her on my chest she’s quiet and comforted and drifts off to sleep. I know that we’re starting bad habits early on as she’s only 3 weeks old, but I don’t know what to do. She just loves to sleep on her belly and I’m worried about SIDS so I won’t put her on her belly unless I’m there to monitor her the entire time she’s asleep. Does anyone have any newborn sleeping advice for me? I feel like I’m not doing this right, and Rylea’s going to be sleeping in our bed until she’s 13! Even as I write this post from my Blackberry she lays on my chest dreaming away, but as soon as I put her down she’ll wake up and start screaming to be held again.

In other news, Devin’s first Father’s Day was a bummer for him. He had to work on the golf course and we had planned to have dinner with Jason and Jody at 4. Well Devin called and said he wasn’t going to make dinner and he had no idea what time he’d be home so we had to eat without him. He managed to make it home around 6, one very tired and very disappointed new daddy. What a way to spend your very first Father’s Day. So, he ate and Rylea gave him his presents. He got a new wallet already stocked with pictures of the Sugar Plum and he also got a framed picture of her to bring to work and keep on his desk. Devin was thankful so Rylea did a great job! I’m so very very thankful that Rylea has a dad that gets up at 4 every morning and goes to work for at least 12 hours 6 days a week in order to provide for his family. Devin is an amazing daddy and we love him so much!

How was your father’s day?


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