Office Visit

Rylea made her first appaearance at the office yesterday! Michelle and I got everything together and made it in at about 2:00 yesterday afternoon. It was great to see everyone (minus Ashley) after being away for almost 4 weeks now. If I was thinking, I would have brought a camera and gotten some pictures, but I was too busy bringing diapers, wipes, and burp cloths to remember the camera. You can tell I’m a new mama instead of a seasoned one!

Jen held Rylea for a little while and then Michelle and Nathan got her too. Michelle got the pleasure of holding Rylea while she did a number 2 and stunk up the place. A quick diaper change on my desk in my office remedied the situation,and we were good to go. I briefly thought about leaving the dirty diaper in Ashley’s trash can, but I didn’t because I’m a great friend.

After that, we took little Rylea off to Kirkland’s with us.  I have never been to that store, but it’s amazing and I think Devin might be angry with his mom for her introducing me to the land that is Kirklands.  I got some amazing stuff for really cheap! (You can click on each picture for a close up).  I have to thank Michelle for buying it all though, even though I did try to pay, she insisted on paying for everything.  What a blessing!


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