New Visitors!

Our next set of visitors are here!

Drew (Devin’s little brother), Cali (his wife), and Jaelynn (their beautiful 1 year old daughter) came in on the 4th around 10:00 in the morning. Devin and I picked them all up from the airport and we all went to Bob Evans for breakfast then we made a stop at Target on the way back to our house to get some of the essentials like diapers and baby food. It has been great having them around!

We all went up to Sanibel Island to Devin’s golf course for the 4th of July festivities (the best fireworks I’ve ever seen by the way). The girls did great, Rylea just slept and ate and Jaelynn had fun playing in the grass and making us all smile. on the way back home to Naples we made an ice cream stop at McDonalds for a pretty good ending to a pretty good night.
Yesterday Drew and Devin went back up to the Dunes to play some golf together while Cali and I stayed home with the babies and we even managed to get a nap in. Don’t know what’s in store for today, but I think it might involve shopping at some point! I love having family around!


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