Isaiah 40:31

The other day, in our backyard I noticed the same bird making several appearances throughout the day. I came to realize that this bird was actually a mommy bird calling her babies and teaching them how to fly from the nest and down to her just a few feet away. As I sat watching this sweet mommy bird and her babies I couldn’t help but think about my role in Rylea’s life, and all the things I will be teaching her to do. I’ll teach her how to walk, how to talk, how to get dressed, how to read, and a million other life lessons. But, the most important thing I hope to teach her is that there is that God gave His Son to die for her sin so she can have everlasting life. I’ll teach her to pray and she’ll forge her own relationship with her Savior. I’ll teach her scripture and truth, and I’ll teach her that the love from the Lord is unconditional. I’ll do all I can to raise Rylea up the way God would want me to, and the way that brings Him all the glory.

Eventually, one day, like the little birdie in the yard, I’ll have to teach my precious daughter how to fly. I’ll set her out to make her own life, and I pray when that happens I’ve done enough and taught her enough about her Creator so she, too, will soar on wings like eagles.


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