Good thing I have a Blackberry…

…or this blog would never have any new posts! My phone provides me an opportunity such as this to make a post while Rylea nurses.

She has been pretty fussy today. Everytime she fell asleep today I attempted to put her in bed while I did some stuff around the house, and everytime she woke up within 15 minutes screaming her tiny head off. I did let her lie there hoping she would put herself back to sleep but 20 minutes later she was still crying and had tears.  As soon as I picked her up she was quiet again and totally fine. So I have all these little half finished things going on around the house and I haven’t been able to actually finish one thing. Crazy. I know this is my fault too because I let her fall asleep on me quite often, so I’m working on fixing it. She actually did well falling asleep on her own overnight last night which was great!

In news totally unrelated to babies… DEVIN GOT A NEW JOB! In an amazing answer to prayer Devin has finally been presented the opportunity to leave his company that he has been so unhappy with for 2 years. He has been treated badly (an understatement) and has been driving an hour to work each way and working 12 hour days in between all with only 1 day off a week. We’ve been praying for a while now that God would provide him a new job and a new golf course and God heard and answered our prayers! Devin will start out at the same salary he’s making now on July 24th (he put his 2 week notice in at his current job). We’re so excited because this means we ‘ll get to see him more often, and he’ll be much happier! Ask and you shall receive!!


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