Introducing: Sugarplum Cuties

It all started when I was pregnant and decided I wanted to save some money. I sewed 8 of my own burp cloths that ended up coming out really cute. Then, when Rylea arrived and I actually started using them I kept getting asked where I got them from or made other comments. Devin heard one of those comments and later told me that I should think about making and selling them as a means to contribute to the family financially while I’m out of work. I really honestly didn’t think anyone would want to pay me for anything that I had handmade, but I have managed to get a few orders now, so I guess I was wrong, well at least up to this point.  Here are pictures of the ones that I made for myself:

Thse cloths have been really great for Rylea and I. They are made of really soft flannel on both sides, and are made of three layers of fabric making them really absorbant. I just throw them in the wash all the time and they come out as good as new! I’ve used them as bibs if Rylea is getting a bottle, and even once used one as a giant breast pad over night (if you’ve ever breast fed I’m sure you can relate).

In addition to the cloths, I also started making little bow headbands for babys and toddlers (like the one Rylea is wearing in my 4th of July post). Headbands and bows are all interchangeable so you can take a pink headband and just clip and bow you want to it and then when they grow out of the headband, you can just clip the bows right in their hair. I really love putting Rylea in a cute bow that matches her outfit especially since she has no hair! She just looks adorable in them. I can make them to match a specific outfit, or you can match the outfit to the bow! I do make them custom to each order and I also hope to have a bunch to choose from too.

So now, I have to build up my inventory and hope there are some moms out there that want to help support me in my business ventures. This could turn into nothing, and that’s ok, but at least I get to do something crafty that I enjoy while it lasts, and Rylea will potentially have A LOT of bows and burp cloths if I can’t sell them!  So, if you know of anyone that would like to use my services then let me know either on here or facebook or at


6 thoughts on “Introducing: Sugarplum Cuties

  1. Kirsten – I would love to purchase some adorable burp cloths… They’d have to be neutral colors though… Good luck with your new business! I’ll do whatever I can to help you out!

  2. kirsten,
    These might be the cutest things ever and im a little bit angry that you didn’t have these 2 (almost 3) years ago!. I think you’ll do awesome with your little business adventure. Im sure i have some friends with baby’s coming that i’ll have to give these too. Do you have your prices set yet? and please be making these in about 2 more years so i can get some for baby number 2 when im done with school! Good luck!

    P.S. Rylea is absolutely beautiful and sense im retarded and have nothing better to do with my life, i love stalking your blog.


    • Cayla –

      Thanks so much for your compliments and thanks for stalking my blog too! It’s great to know that someone out there is reading it!

      I’m doing $15 for a set of 4 burpies and add $3 for shipping with discounts for friends and family of course! I’ll be posting more pictures as I make more and get more orders. When you have a little girl, I’ll be sure to make her some of those adorable bows too. Hope all is well!

      • i better have a girl (when the time comes). I’ve had about all the boy i can take!

        those prices are rediculously underbidding to yourself. I will be refusing any discounts. make sure you post lots of pictures. im a baby items fein.

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