I’ve Been Busy!

So, I have to apologize (to you 2 people that actually read my blog) for my lack of posting lately.  I’ve been busy.  Busy with my husband and Rylea of course, but also busy with Mel and Emily who came into town on the 15th.  It’s so awesome to have them here because the last time I saw them was at our cousin Megan’s wedding, and that was back in last June.

Mel has accepted her new title: Baby Hog.  She takes full ownership of that name and lives up to it on an hourly basis.  She is constantly with Rylea making her smile and laugh, changing diapers, and putting her to sleep.  Poor Emily complains she hasn’t gotten to hold little Rylea enough “because the B.H. always has her!”  Mel and Emily are both GREAT aunts, and I think they’re having fun hanging out at the beach too.

So, I’ve also been busy trying to develop my business, and making some more burpies.  Check them out!  And, as always, let me know if you’d like an order!!


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