Saturday was a big day for the DeWitts.  Not only was it Miss Emily’s 15 birthday, but something else HUGE happened…

Devin has a discipleship study that Jason does with him once a week now.  He’s been doing it for a few weeks and it’s going great for him and he’s really learning a lot and teaching me a lot too.  Well, they had their study on Saturday at 5:00 at the church.  Devin rode with Jason to the church while Emily, Jody, Rylea, and I all rode to church separately to meet the guys there.  6:00 rolled around and pastor got on the stage to start the service and start worship and whatnot and I was talking to Ashley and not really paying attention until we were all asked to turn our attentions because they were going to do baptisms before we started worship.  All of the candidates walked out and would you believe it, there was my husband!  I was shocked.  Sitting with Rylea in my lap I turned to Jody with tears in my eyes as she nodded at me and told me that she knew all along and that Devin wanted to surprise me.  I was amazed.  Amazed at the answer to fervent prayer, amazed at the godly man I’m seeing my husband become more and more each day, and amazed at the fact that everyone else knew before I did!!!  What a sweet surprise.  God is such an awesome God. PTL!  I’m hoping to have video of it soon and I’ll post it on here as soon as I do.


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