As I’ve said before, I never meant for this blog to become consumed with all my crafting creations, so I’ve started a new website solely for all things Sugarplum. You can find it over at http://www.sugarplumcuties.net and I also have started my etsy shop at http://www.mysugarplumcuties.etsy.com. That being said, I hope to kwwp this blog as a way for you to check in on our family as I intended when I started all of this!

Ok. with that out of the way, onto all things Rylea.

She is so cute right now. She turned 12 weeks old yesterday and I can’t believe it. I’ve started going through her clothes and pulled out all her 3 month outfits because she has started to fit into some of them. I was even looking at some things she’s grown out of and it makes me sad. (I’ve decided to make a quilt out of some of those outfits as she grows out of more of them, I’ll post pics). She’s somewhere around 11 pounds now and has just about doubled in weight from the 6 pounds 8 oz that she weighed at birth. Crazy crazy crazy how fast that time has gone by.

My little girl has also discovered how to get her fingers into her mouth. She loves to suck on her tiny fists and even tries to figure out how to stick my fingers in there too. She hasn’t quite got full control of her hands yet but she’s getting there quickly and I’m working on sanitizing as many objects as possible in preparation for that day when everything has to be tasted. She is just such a joy and I am blessed beyond measure to have a husband that loves both her and I as much as he does!


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