Things I never thought I’d do in a lifetime…

1. Pick someone’s boogers
2. Have poop under my fingernails (sometimes mutiple times a day)
3. Have puke in my hair
4. Wake up on wet sheets, reeking of spoiled milk
5. Be peed on
6. Willingly place a person in a chair to have a front row seat to watch me shower
7. Last 9 weeks with 3-4 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period
8. Give up coffee for 9 months and then even longer
9. Lend my finger/knuckle to someone to suck on
10. Stare obssessively at someone sleeping
11. Make ridiculously stupid faces and sounds just to see one tiny smile
12. Kiss someone, other than my husband, 1000 times a day
13. Forget to shower or eat (most likely because I’m too busy with #11 and 12)
14. Grow a set of “mommy claws” (you know, the kind that come out when some stranger at the grocery store sticks their head all the way into the carseat!)
15. Be a mommy

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