Rylea laughs

Rylea is developing quite the little personality, and she’s been laughing at the oddest things.

When I take a shower, I just put Ry in her bouncy seat and bring her up to the bathroom with me. Well, she thinks it’s particularly funny when I put the towel on my wet hair and she won’t stop staring and laughing at it until I take it off.

Another thing she likes to laugh at is when Belle and Tank (our Boxer and Pomeranian respectively) fight each other. They catch her eye and she’ll follow them all around the room with a big smile on her face the whole time they’re messing around. Usually I make them stop, but I like seeing Rylea smile so we’ve just been letting the dogs run a muck in the living room.

Rylea’s very favorite thing to do is bouce. I can put her on my leg and bounce her and she’ll giggle forever. You can even bounce her standing up, sitting down, or up in the air and she just loves every minute of it. The next time she’s in the bouncing mood I’m going to get some video and post it. I think it’s just absolutely adorable (I’m a little biased, but whatever).


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