Labor Day

Sunday was great. We went over to Jen and Jarrad’s house to hang out with them and also with Haley and Joe (and their 2 adorable babies – Caden and Casey), and Miranda (and her 2 adorable babies – Emmalee and Mia). It was just a huge blessing to have food and fellowship at a time when Devin and I are really struggling to fill our pantry with food. God just sends us these amazing blessings and continues to encourage us every day. Jen and Jarrad got Rylea this cute little panda bear that she loves. She reaches for it in the best way her tiny little 3 month old hands can work and she tries her hardest to shove as much of it as possible into her mouth. Jen and Jarrad are such a blessing to us and they usually have a small gift for Rylea everytime they see her. I don’t know what we did to get such great friends, but I thank God for them every day!


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