Halloween 2009

We were invited to the Brown’s for a Halloween lunch this year with strict orders to dress up so we had to deliver!


Jen as that goth girl from NCIS, Ashley as grape laffy taffy, and me as "Billy Bob"

Ashley and I had fun making her grape laffy taffy costume which suits her so well.  You are what you eat right?


Rylea on her first Halloween as a hot pink crayon.

Some have asked me how I made her crayon costume.  The costume is pink felt.  I took an outfit of Rylea’s and just traced around it on the felt leaving extra fabric for a seam allowance and because felt doesn’t stretch so well when trying to put it on an infant.  Then I googled a crayon so I could draw the logo and squigly lines also out of felt and just hot glued to the costume.  The hat is one of those cheerleader mega phones that I found at party city for a couple of dollars and then I covered it in more pink felt with a hot glue gun and put some elastic in it to keep it on Rylea’s head.  Her legs are covered with baby legs which I made out of women’s crew socks that I got at WalMart for $2.  From head to toe I think I spent a little over $7 or something to make a really stinkin cute crayon!


Devin as Tiger Woods.

 Here is Devin as Tiger Woods.  We painted his head and arms brown with brown cream paint and he just wore some of his work clothes, grabbed a club out of the garage, and put a batting glove in his back pocket.  Probably one of the funniest costumes I’ve seen.




I leave you with the most adorable picture of Rylea in a mullet wig.


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