Play Dates and Doctor’s Appointments

Last week was Rylea’s first official playdate!  YAY!  Yay for mom and baby getting out of the house and going to see other people.  Life as a SAHM is kinda funny.  I find myself really looking forward to walking outside to get the mail or take the trash to the curb.  I get to see the outside world for a few minutes.  Bliss.

Well, we went to Jen’s house to see her and her 2 beautiful boys Andrew and Bradley.  I got to talk, hang out, play with toys and even help with Andrew’s lunch.  I just love Jen.  She is truly an amazing example of a Proverbs 31 woman and Devin and I have been so blessed to know her and Dave.  It’s really important to surround yourself with great friends anyway, but Devin and I not having family here in Florida makes it that much more important for us.  Jen even fed me and sent me off with a bottle of water when I had to leave in a hurry to make it to Rylea’s doctor’s appointment on time.  THANKS JEN!!!!  Now we just need to get you and the boys to our house so I can return the favor 🙂

So Rylea’s stats as of last Thurday (5 months) are as follows: 13 lbs 4 oz (25% percentile) and 23.5 inches (75% percentile).  She’s been tall and skinny since she was born, and she continues to stay that way.  Just a petite little girl.  She’s officially off breastfeeding now, after being totally uninterested for about a month, and on formula and baby cereal.  The baby cereal was going awful at first with our poor little girl gagging before you even brought the spoon to her lips, but she LOVES applesauce so we mix it together and it goes down much smoother these days.  I’ve been thinking about getting her one of those little mesh things that you can put fruit in for them to chew on without choking.  She’s teething like a maniac and always needs something to chew on so I thought that might be a good solution.  Any suggestions on that seasoned mommies?

What else is new?  Well, my business is doing well thanks to current friends, past friends, friends of friends, and word of mouth.  I’m really enjoying this new venture, and it’s really opened up new ideas  (some good, some not so good).  I’m just very thankful that God has chosen me, and He has helped me forge this new business in my life as a way to help out in providing for our family while still calling me to be at home with my little one.  I’m so very thankful.

Well, we’re hosting home group at our house tonight so I must clean, freak out, clean, take care of a baby, freak out some more, and then cook 🙂


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