We’re not moving…yet.

Ok, so I didn’t want to say anything until something was official either way, but Devin’s been interviewing for a job in Orlando over the past couple of weeks.  He made it to the first phone interview and then to the part where they asked for references.  He made it to the second phone interview and then they emailed him this week to tell him that they were going to go with a different candidate for the job.  Now, this job would have more than doubled our current income, but it also would have required us to move out of Naples and leave all our friends and the only family we live near.  It’s a little disappointing to have made it as far as he did, but Devin took the news in stride and we’re both just happy that they considered him for the position as much as they did.

So, we continue on this path that God wants us on.  I know, without a doubt in my mind, that God wants me to be home with sweet Rylea instead of working outside the home, and I know without a doubt in my mind that I’m where He wants me to be.  Our income has been slashed more than half since I stopped working, and we’re still just trying to figure all of that out at the moment.  I’m just so thankful that God has provided for us in such unexpected and creative ways each week, and I’m so thankful for a husband that continues to pursue a search for a new job in these rough economic times.  We’ll just keep praying that God keeps providing, and when the time is right I know God’s going to open that door of opportunity for us!  It might not be the most convenient or the easiest route when you choose to follow God’s plans for your life, but when you’re under the umbrella of His will, life is simply amazing.


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