Christmas on a Budget

Devin said it last night better than I ever could.  At our home group BLG last night he said. “I don’t have a prayer request, but I do have a praise.  I just want to praise God for our family beacause if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have had a Christmas this year.”  That’s so true.  Between Jason, Jody, Devin’s family and my family, we were blessed beyond measure with gift and clothes for Rylea and even some things for us (Including a Magic Bullet from the Gerlach’s so I can make our own baby food!!!).  We had a blessed Christmas!

I got up on Christmas morning around 4am to prepare everything for the traditional homemade cinamon rolls from scratch!  SOOOO GOOD.  Then went back to bed and got up again at 7 to take a shower and get everything together before Rylea woke up.  As soon as the baby and everyone else was up we went over to Jason and Jody’s and spent the day there opening presents, eating, and just being with family.  This has been the best DeWitt family Christmas so far.  Christmas with kids is so fun even when they’re teething and not really understanding what’s going on 🙂

So, because Devin and I knew that we didn’t have money to spend on Christmas this year, I tried to get creative and make gifts with things I had around the house and this is what I came up with:

A Christmas stocking for Ashley (the biggest UGA fan I've ever met) which we filled with random objects that we found around the house 🙂 lol

And I made these "elf" stockings for Jason and Jody and Devin and I went to the dollar store and found a bunch of stuff to put in them.

All in all I think the homemade stockings came out pretty cute.  I love the elf ones.  I just drew a pattern on a large piece of felt free hand and then cut it out and sewed some stuff on by hand and then sewed them all together.  🙂  If you’re interested in a more detailed tutorial maybe I’ll post one later.

I hope you all had a blessed Christmas as well!!!  Thank you God for sending your son to die for us.  We never deserved it and we never will.


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