Ladies and gentlemen, we have teeth.

Scooter’s teeth have finally reared their little heads and are coming up through her bottom gums.  Devin noticed them on Saturday and told me about it and at that time you could barely feel the ridges of two little baby teeth poking through.  Today you can see and feel them and my poor little darling has been whiny and irritable and pulling on her ear and everything for a few days now.  Lets just hope this passes soon.

In the meantime, I have found the weirdest solution to the teething woes and the solution presented itself in the form of a pickle.  No joke.  This girl LOVES pickles.  All I do is strip her down to her diaper and give her one of those pickle spears and she’s happy for a good 15 min to a half hour just munching away.  It’s easy for her to hold, cold, and i think the rubbery texture must soothe her gums because she’s just really happy whenever she sees that pickle coming her way.  Totally odd, but it works.  The other thing that seems to be helping is the tylenol bottle.  Not the actual tylenol inside, but the bottle itself.  The tylenol is in one of those bottle with a dropper and the top of the dropper is soft and gummy and rubbery and she LOVES to chew on it.  So, when all else fails, just let your baby play with the packaging the medication comes in.  You might not win mom of the year award, but you just might keep your sanity! 🙂


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