Missing Dog

Last Sunday we lost one of our dogs and we had no idea.

Tank was missing for almost 2 hours and we hadn’t even discovered that fact until Devin got home from running out and getting me a Sunday paper (for the coupons of course).  Devin pulled the motorcycle back in the garage and it was really weird for me because Tank (our almost 4 year old Pomeranian) wasn’t barking his tiny little head off.  Devin came in the house and I mentioned to him that I hadn’t seen Tank and hadn’t heard from him either.  And….. if you’ve met this dog you know how ANNOYING his high pitched little bark is.  So, Devin took a flashlight upstairs checking in all of Tank’s favorite hiding spots (mostly under all the beds and Rylea’s crib) and he was no where to be found.  It was 8 at night when we realized we had lost our BLACK dog in the BLACK of night.  Chances were slim that we were going to find this tiny little one until the next morning when we could post flyers.

Devin set out with his flashlight looking for Tank around our neighborhood.  He came back a few minutes later when I knew that either he had found Tank quickly and the news wasn’t good or he had found him and it was nothing short of a mini miracle.  Thankfully, the latter was true and Devin came inside with a very excited Tank in his arms.  The thing was that this tiny dog smelled like a mixture of other dog slobber and fish.  It was horrendous.  He must have gone swimming in the pond behind our house and then tried to make friends with all the neighbor dogs.  GROSS.  Needless to say, he got a bath and then the entire bathroom reeked of nastiness.  I guess I’m just thankful that nothing happened to him, and that Tank is back home.

Now we just need to pay more attention to them i guess…


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