Well that was Fast

It was Saturday a couple hours before church and I saw that Devin had a message on his cell phone.  I picked up his phone and we listened to the message on speaker phone.  It was our landlady.  She said in the message that there was an offer on our house which the bank had accepted.  The buyers want to close in 30 days (March 12) and this was our 30 day notice that we needed to find a new place to live.  A new home.  In 30 days.  Wow.  I don’t even know what to say.

This is the house that Devin got for us to move into after we got married.  This is the house Rylea was brought home to when we left the hospital.  This is the house that we’ve lived in and made our own for the past 3 years.  On top of all the memories and stuff we have here we share a wall with our cousins and we drop over there or them over here all the time.  We watch each other’s pets and house sit for each other all the time.  We run over real quick in the middle of making dinner to grab some eggs or some milk if we’ve run out.  We meet each other in the driveway when we go out somewhere.  We meet each other in the backyard to talk and catch up.  All of that is going to be over, and quickly.  Very quickly.  Too quickly.

Now my mind is going everywhere thinking about all the things we need to do in order to get ready to go.  Moving boxes, changing addresses on all of our bank accounts, bills, etc.  Telling our families and friends our new address.  Find a new place to live that will accept 2 pets (we might have to get rid of them) and all the furniture we have that fills a 3 bedroom house.  I just want to cry at this point to be honest, but that’s not going to do anything and it’ll only make me feel worse.  I think what I’m learning through this is that I’ve held on to my posessions WAY too tightly.

Remember in the beginning of Acts when all the disciples were pooling all their possessions and food and everything and giving it out to people who had less?  They just didn’t think twice, it was just given out.  Well, the things I own I don’t really own at all.  It’s all God’s.  This house is God’s.  We don’t own it and as the short sale has progressed so quickly I am reminded that anything can happen at anytime and God’s done with us here in the Cove and it’s time to move to a new place and meet new neighbors.

I’m so thankful for the time we’ve had here and all the memories we’ve had in this house.  I’ll never forget our first house together and the place where we started our little family.  I’m forever grateful that through all the financial issues, God still provided us with that rent check and allowed us to be here as long as we have been.

Time for a new season in our lives.

Know of anyone looking for renters?


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