Complete Chaos

I have been a bloggy neglector lately.  Sorry.  I’m just up to my eyeballs in things that need to get done and when a sweet 9 month old baby is taking up about 80% of your day you have to manage your time very wisely.

I get up in the morning and get to working.  I’m trying to get about 6 hours a day, a very challenging goal to attain.  Then when Rylea gets up its time for diaper change, breakfast, change of clothes, bottle, play time and finally nap time when I sit back down in my office chair at the kitchen table where my monitors are set up, and work some more.  Then I might take a break some time to pack some more things or work on an order for someone.  Then Rylea is up from nap time and it’s time for lunch…the cycle just goes on and on.  I feel major relief when Devin gets home from work, but he’s not getting home until late this week because of a tournament at the course and he’s absolutely exhausted, we all are.  This is just absolutely INSANE and I have no idea how I will have the rest of my orders done and shipped, and this house packed by the end of this week.  I don’t want to neglect work or my baby girl and I feel like one of those tightrope walkers.  If I lean to far in one direction everything will fall apart and I’ll come crashing down.

I don’t do well with clutter.  If my house and life aren’t organized I find it on the verge of impossible to organize my thoughts.  I’m driving Devin nuts becuase I’m trying to clean and make things orderly in the midst of packing and he’s just trying to pull e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. out of every closet, nook and cranny just to stuff it in a box.  I’m OCD and he’s the complete opposite and could care less what his house looks like.  I need to let it go at this point, but for whatever reason when a woman’s house is seeminly torn out from under her feet you better watch out.

All that venting aside I’m trying to look at this ending as a new beginning.  We’ve had friends (THANK YOU JACK FAMILY) call us out of nowhere offering helping hands to move, trucks to load and drive, and a mommy’s love to take little Rylea out of the chaos for a few hours.  We are so incredibly blessed it just blows my mind.  Just when I think I’m going to have a freak out episode and collapse into a crying heap on the floor something like that happens and I’m ready to move full steam ahead!

Good thing I’ve got Jesus,  because I know I wouldn’t make it though any of this without Him!!!!


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