One Week

Sunday marked one week that we’ve been in our new house.  If you were here last Sunday then you know what an absolute n.i.g.h.t.m.a.r.e. it was moving in.  Lets start with the fact that the previous tennants (who were not paying rent) were STILL in the house at 10 am Sunday morning and we’re not out until about 4 or 5 that evening.  The house was unsanitary, filthly and disgusting and it took the army of friends and family that were here to clean it with me ALL DAY LONG.  I had a couple of heated arugements with the owner explaining that it was not ok for the previous tennants to leave the house and leave the master bedroom door locked as it was our house now and we were paying to live in it.  Ugh.  Crazy.

Devin and I have commented many times on the blessings we received that day through all of you than came and moved furniture (out of the house and into the house), cleaned on your knees, helped watch Rylea, endured the awkwardness between us and the other people that were supposed to be out of the house, and all the other experiences and discoveries which we shall not discuss here.  Thank you to all of you, I can’t tell you how much we appreciate you and love you.

For security reasons, I won’t tell you our new address, but I will tell you we are living in the Estates and we have a yard.  It’s awesome!  The dogs love going outside to run and I love that I don’t have to take a baby and 2 dogs outside 5 times a day no matter what the weather.  The house is coming together.  We’ve got boxes left in different rooms, and other things waiting to be unpacked.  We’ve got paint going up in several rooms and some windows waiting for me to sew up some curtains, but it’s our home and I’ve very thankful that the Lord has put a roof over our heads.  I was so overwhelmed with the state of the house on the day that we were to move in that I started to feel like it was something that I would never overcome and a place where I would never feel comfortable.  I had to quickly shift my thinking and stop selling God short.  He can overcome death, I can certianly overcome a dirty house. 

I’ve got my sewing table up and I’m working on finishing some orders and starting some new ones (keep those coming please!).  I’m even back to work now that we have the home network set up, and things are slowly getting back to normal.  Devin and I are loving being out here where it’s sooooo quiet, and we can just sit and enjoy our family and even have a random dance party in the morning with little Rylea joining in the fun!  (Since we don’t live in a community anymore, we know no one will be looking in our windows, and we can dance it out.)

The DeWitt Family is back.


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