Rylea Updates

The other day I took Rylea to her regular 10 month checkup.  She’s 28 inches long and 16 pounds 1 oz.  So that puts her in the 50% for height and 3% for weight.  That’s not a typo, 3%.   Her doc said she’s really close to falling off the chart and that’s when things start to get serious, so we’re trying our best in these next two months until she turns 1 to get her bulked up.  I’m just not sure that’s going to happen.  Devin is not a very big man and I’m not as tiny as I used to be, but we’re still both on the small side.  I think it’s only natural that Rylea is going to be a small girl too.  She eats really well, and snacks all the time so it’s not like she’s not getting what she needs, I just think she’s itty bitty.  In any case, we’re still concerned about this and short of feeding her straight lard, we’re going to do everything we can to get her to put on a few pounds.  Any of you mama’s have any advice for us??

In other news, Rylea is a busy bee to say the least.  She is always going places and doing things and getting into whatever she can get her tiny little hands on.  She’s so much fun right now and will imitate any sound or motion that we do, and she’s starting to use the sign language we’ve been teaching her for about 6 months (finally)!  She LOVES music and anytime we play some for her she starts to dance and clap her hands.  She’s become very attached to her mama and will rarely go to anyone else without a fight.  I think that comes along with the fact that I’m a work at home/stay at home mom and we spend all of our time together.  She’ll grow out of it I’m sure, but for now I’m just going to soak up those moments when she lays her sweet head down on my chest and hides her face when daddy tries to get her from me.  I’m a baby hog, but since she’s my baby I think I’m allowed to be!


One thought on “Rylea Updates

  1. You should talk to Beverly. Her daughter (one of my bestest friends), little girl was also very tiny. I believe they even called her “failure to thrive”. She is almost 4 now and is still a peanut, but she is and has always done marvelously. It totally stressed my friend out that her daughter was little and the things the doctors were talking about doing to her. I think it’s a shame that the docs don’t look at family history a bit. My friend was also a very small child, and is still a petite woman today. You and Devin aren’t “big” people, and I really don’t understand why that isn’t a consideration. I understand though that you would be worried because of the things your doctor says. I would encourage you though that if she is eating like you say she is, and is growing developmentally then don’t worry. I really think Beverly could be an encouragement to you though.

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