A Big Mess

Wednesday this week we had our first ultrasound with the new baby at 2pm.  I had the day planned out and I knew I needed to be in the shower by at least 12:30 in order to be out of the house at 1:30 to get to the office on time at 2:00.  So I put Rylea down for a nap aroun 11 and worked for a while until 12:30 rolled around.  I got in the shower and had time to get out, put make up on and get dressed before Rylea woke up from her nap.  Got Rylea up, changed her diaper and her clothes and then brought her into the bathroom with me because I still needed to blow dry and straighten my hair.  I usually sit Rylea on the floor under my feet so I can keep an eye on her and she chews on her toothbrush and watches me finish my hair.  Well, her toothbrush was missing and I didn’t have time to find it, so I looked for something in the bathroom that I could give her that  she wouldn’t 1. poke her eye out 2. choke on 3. get bored with.  So, without thinking too much more about it I offered her a small bottle of foundation that had a screw cap on it.  I thought, certainly she can’t get this open and I’m standing right over top of her so it’ll be fine.  Think again mommy….

About 5-7 minutes later I looked down at Rylea when I had finished my hair and there she was sitting in a puddle of foundation on the floor doing her best finger painting in the new dress I JUST changed her into.  It was EVERYWHERE.   It might be hard to see in the picture because I took it really quickly with my phone, but you get the idea.

Thank God she had her binky in her mouth and she didn’t eat any of the make up or get sick or anything.  So here it is 1:25 and I need to be getting out the door but instead I had to pick her up, stick her in the sink and scrub her legs, hands, binky and arms clean of all this crazy make  up.   See that little zebra striped looking thing in the bottom right corner?  That’s her blanky that I sewed for her when she was only a couple weeks old.  She carries that thing with her wherever she goes thus, it’s covered in make up right now too sitting waiting to be thrown in the washing machine.   After all that craziness I finally got Rylea and I cleaned off and into the car and we were only 10 miutues late.  Thankfully Devin made it there on time and filled out all of my paper work for me and it really wasn’t a big deal.  He really is an amazing husband.  Leaving the ultrasound we switched cars so he could take Rylea home and I could run up to my office and pick up some stuff I needed to work on.  While I was at work he cleaned up the whole mess for me, and did all the dishes.  It was so nice to come home to him playing with Rylea on the floor and the house much cleaner than when I left it earlier that day!

Live and learn I guess.  Not my first rookie mom moment and I’m sure it’s not my last!!


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