These past 3 weeks have been CRAZY to say the least.  It all started with my mom and Zac coming to visit for a week (more on that in another post), then we had a week break before Uncle Drew, Aunt Cali and cousin Jaelynn (and soon-to-be cousin Ayden) came to visit for a week, then Mamaw and Papaw came to visit the same day that Drew and Cali were leaving.  The big celebration was for little Rylea’s first birthday.  Can’t believe my little lady is one already, and I thought I’d share some of her milestones with you.

Height and Weight – At her 1 year appointment Rylea was 29″” tall and weighed 16.6 lbs.  That puts her in the 75% for height and <3% for her weight (meaning she’s not even on the charts anymore).  She’s a tiny little peanut and the smallest one year old a lot of people have seen (we’re told that all the time). 

Talking – Rylea can say: kitty cat, book (sounds like book without the k at the end), Papa (that’s what she calls Devin), Mama, thank you (that’s a new one as of today), Papaw, baby, puppy (which sounds like “pup-poo”), bear (we saw one at the Miami zoo)

Animals – She LOVES animals.  We even had Papaw come up with a new nickname for her, Bindi, like Bindi Erwin.  You know, the crocodile hunter’s little animal-loving daughter.  Her favorite book is called Zookeeper Mack and Devin and I can read the book to her without even looking because she wants us to read it to her so often.  She loves to go outside and pet the kitty cats, and she stops whatever she’s doing when we put Animal Planet on or she sees a commercial with animals in it.  She can meow like a cat (“owwww, owwww”), bark like a dog, open and close her mouth like a fish, moo like a cow, baa like a sheep, caw like a crow (she saw some crows at Joe’s Crab Shack this week and thinks all birds make that noise), and stick her tongue in and out of her mouth real fast like a lizard.  We’re working on growling like a bear and quacking like a duck, but she’s not quite getting those yet.  I have a feeling that my little one might become a vet or something since she’s so in love with animals!

Music – Rylea’s favorite song is currently “Hey Soul Sister” by Train.  That song is in a commercial and when that commercial comes on TV she stops and drops whatever she’s doing to clap and sing and dance along to the song.  We play it on the computer for her some evenings while Devin and I clean or work or I’m sewing, and she just lights up and does her little Rylea dance as soon as she hears it.  Rylea also knows how to turn the volume button in the car and will often reach over and turn it up before getting into her carseat if she hears a song she likes.  Her other favorite songs include “The Hot Dog Dance” from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the Disney Channel and the “We Did It” song on Dora.  When Ry is having a hard time sitting in the car for a while Devin will put his phone in music mode and give it to her and she’ll sit there and listen to all the songs and wave the phone in the air and be perfectly happy. 🙂

Personality – She’s a little fireball!  Rylea is currently a mama’s girl and really wants to be held and loved and cuddled by her mama when she’s tired.  She’ll always come to me whenever I walk into the room and she gives me that great big Rylea smile where she crinkles up her little nose showing us the little space between her two front teeth.  She’s def a lover and loves to be around people.  Just today she stood in the back of the shopping cart (propped up by a big box of diapers) and waved to everyone as we left WalMart all while saying “bye bye.”  She cracks me up.  She “tickles” daddy while saying “tickle tickle” and waits for him to pretend to be tickled before cracking up herself.  She smiles more than she cries and is a great eater.  She’s not picky about food (unless it’s milk) and will try everything you put in front of her (including jalapeno poppers!).  Taking her off bottles was a piece of cake, but she still uses her binky and isn’t quite ready to give it up and I think mom and dad are also not quite ready for that battle.  Rylea also loves swimming and going to the beach.  She is a true Florida girl through and through and does not do well when she’s cold.  (Lord help us if we ever move back north!)  She sleeps 13 hours a night and takes two naps a day.  She takes after her daddy in the sleeping department!

It has been such a joy to raise this sweet little girl over the past year and I just can’t wait to see how these milestones change at her next birthday!


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