It Has Finally Happened

It’s happened, I’m pregnant.  I mean I was pregnant about 19 weeks ago, but I’m really feeling pregnancy in its full swing now.  My baby moves more around ALL the time and Devin and I have a good time watching my stomach do all kinds of somersaults with arms, legs, elbows, and more sticking out at all different angles.  I love this part!

My shirts are all too short showing my ever-growing belly sticking out of the bottom every 12 seconds and no amount of yanking them down will keep them there.  My appetite has been shifted into overdrive, and just last night I was l lying in bed with Devin around 10 pm when I decided that our dinner of pulled pork sandwiches and broccoli wasn’t enough and my sweet husband got up and made me a bowl or ramen and brought me some Oreos.  (I could have eaten an entire pizza.)

We find out tomorrow if Rylea is going to have a little brother or a little sister and I know Devin and I are really looking forward to finding out the secret!  🙂  I feel like this pregnancy is going much faster than it did with Rylea.  I showed much earlier this time around and I’m creeping up on the halfway mark here as we speak.  Looking forward to becoming a family of 4 in November!!!

Stay tuned to find out the big news tomorrow!


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