I wasn’t going to say anything at first, but now that I’ve thought through this again, I think we could use some prayer, so I’ve decided to share with the whole world (read: 4 people) that reads my blog.  🙂

You may or may not know that Devin has been seriously applying, and looking for, golf course superintendent jobs for over a year now.  With the job market like it is, we were prepared for the long haul and have been immensly blessed with his current job situation (and mine), and we’ve just been trusting in the Lord’s timing in all of this.  Devin has been of the mindset that all interview experience could help him out so as soon as a job opened up he sent his resume in regardless of the pay, location (even applying to jobs as far away as Hong Kong), or any other logistics.  This past week he got a reply from one of those applications.

The job is for the superintendent position at Frenchman’s Bend Golf Club in Monroe, LA.  The job was listed at a pretty low starting salary (less than what Devin is making here in Naples as an assistant superintendent), so we didn’t have our hopes up too high.  Well, long story short, it turns out the General Manager of the club in LA knows Devin’s current boss as they have worked together in FL before.  So, this past week Devin was officially offered the job and was also offered a starting salary much higher than the original job listing.

Devin, Rylea, and I will be heading out to LA this coming Thursday-Saturday to see the course and potential places to live and get a feel for the overall general area before we make the decision about moving or not moving.  There is a ton to think about.  I’m just wondering at the moment if this is the job that we’ve been praying about for Devin for so long, or maybe it isn’t.  I know that we’ll both get a peace about whether or not this is where the Lord is leading us, but if you guys could be lifting us in prayer this week then that would be so awesome. 

Thanks in advance 🙂


One thought on “Louisiana

  1. Will most definitely be praying! Have a safe trip, and look forward to hearing how God leads. Oh, and enjoy your time together, too!

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