Trip Part 1

So, our first experience flying with USAirways was not the best.  We flew from Ft Myers to Charlotte and then from Charlotte to Jackson, MS.  (Delta flies directly into Monroe, LA where we were going, but it was cheaper for us to go to Mississippi instead).  I purposely pack us all into one bag so we wouldn’t have to check any luggage and pay the $25 that goes along with that.  Devin also had a carry on and I had the diaper bag as my carry on.  The only thing we checked was the carseat (which you check for free) and then we gate checked Rylea’s stroller.

For those of you who have never been, Charlotte is a fairly big airport and it’s really busy.  We had no idea since neither of us have flown into or out of there before.  So, we get off the flight from Ft Myers and I, being 22 weeks pregnant, have to go to the bathroom naturally.  So we did that and then made our way to the gate.   By that time, we had 15 minutes before the next flight was to take off.  Devin was carrying our bag of clothes and his carry on while i had the diaper bag and was pushing Rylea in the stroller.  We were taking the walking sidewalks which must have a sensor or something because everytime I got on with the stroller it would beep at us and say “The use of strollers is not recommended on the moving sidewalks.”  OK sidewalk voice, you make it from one airport t,o the other 22 weeks pregnant while pushing a one year old.  I wanted to punch the sidewalk.

All of a sudden we hear over the speakers, “Would passengers DeWitt please make your way to gate E27 as your flight is about to take off and leave you stranded in the Charlotte airport for a long time.”  Devin and I looked at each other and I told him to GO!  So, he, weighed down by his bags started sprinting to the gate and made it.  Out of breath he says, “My wife is pregnant, she’s coming.  Don’t take off without her.” lol  I was going as fast as my little pregnant legs would carry Rylea and I, and we finally made it in time.  It was crazy.  Little did we know that our carseat which we checked in Fort Myers wasn’t so lucky and didn’t make it on the Charlotte flight with us into Jackson.  Good grief.

We get to Jackson safe and sound and wait at baggage claim for Rylea’s carseat before getting the rental car.  The car seat was a no show.  So, we were instructed to go back up to the USAirways ticket counter so we could report it missing and get a loaner from the airline to use until they got ours to us.  The plan was that the seat would come in on the next flight from Charlotte that night and it was to be driven to us in Louisiana and hand delivered to our hotel room.  So, I was ok with that and dealing with the airline people while Devin went to pick up the car rental.  Turns out the people at USAirways have no idea about children.  They gave us an infant car seat to use without the base to hook it into the car.  What the heck am I supposed to do with that!?  So we had to explain to them that it wasn’t a car seat and it wasn’t going to work.  Thankfully Devin was downstairs with the most amazing Avis lady who gave us one of their seats to use free of charge until we got ours back.  So, 3 hours later, we were leaving the airport and heading out on our 2 hour drive into Monroe.

To be continued…


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