First Sewing for Baby Boy

We still haven’t picked a name for our little one, but I did start sewing for him!  I have been wanting to do a quilt for a long time and then I came across a zig zag quilt and thought that would be so fun for a little one to play around on.  He can even use the colored lines as roads for his cars.  I’ve made all the blocks for the quilt top and here they are all laid out on the kitchen floor ready for piecing. 

It might be hard to see, but the colors are orange, green and blue solids with a pattern in those colors as well.  I chose really bright and fun colors, and it was a challenge not to stop and get every single cute pink fabric I found.  Switching over to boy mode is harder than I thought!  Each block is 5.5 inches square and consits of the white and then a strip of the colored fabric, then the way that you lay them out makes them into that really awesome zig zag pattern.  I bought a super soft microfiber sheet from Walmart for CHEAP that i’m going to use as the backing, and I think I’ll do a red binding.  I’m really excited about how this is turning out!


2 thoughts on “First Sewing for Baby Boy

  1. Looks great. Are you going to fill in the edges with a color, maybe yellow or red, so that it is square to match the backing?

    • You actually trim off the points on all four edges once it’s all pieced together to make it a square before you bind it. That’s why I was thinking about binding it in red. Maybe a red stripe or polka dot or something. I’m using a tutorial I found online and it’s super easy so far.

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