Decision Time

*I realize that I’m a little late in getting this post up but keep reading to find out what’s been going on*

So, after our visit to LA Devin and I had some long discussions and a lot of praying sessions and we decided that the only way he could accept the job was if we were offered more money per month in the area of healthcare.  The course wasn’t offering Devin any healthcare plan and since I’m about to have a baby in about 4 months, we need some insurance.  We prayed over his next negotiation with the boss and we knew what number we needed in order for this move to be possible for us.  We prayed that either that amount would be given to us and we’d accept or it wouldn’t and we would be staying in Naples.  The boss took a day to think over our new request and emailed Devin the next day with a new offer including the amount of money we need to cover insurance.  We knew at this point that this little town in LA is where God was leading and Devin called him back and accepted the job! 

The current superintendent’s last day is July 19 and Devin’s current boss wanted him around for 3 weeks, so we’ll be leaving Naples around Friday July 23rd.  We’ve priced out moving trucks and everything and we’ve decided to just rent a truck and make the drive ourselves.  All 3 of us and 2 dogs driving to LA for about 15 hours.  Should be a very interesting trip to say the least.

As you can imagine with this new move happening so quickly there’s been a lot going on around here.  Last weekend we had a 2 day garage sale to sell all the stuff that we didn’t want to bring with us and we made a bunch of money to put into the moving fund thank the Lord!  We also have been showing our house because we’re going to be getting out of our lease 1 month in advance so we needed to find someone to take over for us so we didn’t have to pay for that month here and pay for the same month in LA.  On top of all of that Rylea fell the other night and busted her lip wide open.  Blood and screaming ensued and then popsicles were had and eventually things were better after a few hours of cuddling and watching baseball on the couch.  The next morning I went into Rylea’s room to find that she had gotten her knee stuck in the crib and I had to slide it out using baby oil and some muscle power, and later that same day she fell off our bed in the master bedroom hitting the nightstand on her way down to the tile floor.  I swear I am not a bad mother, but man that girl really knows how to take a fall!

Things have been a bit on the chaotic side as I’m trying to finish up some outstanding baby orders so I don’t have to ship them from LA.  I’ve also finished the little man’s quilt which I’m EXTREMELY happy with and I’ll post pictures soon.  On top of all of that we’re notifying doctors and finding new ones and trying to figure out the names of the power, garbage, and cable companies and working out all the details of driving a 13 month old in the car for a long stretch of time (if anyone has experience with this and advice I’m all ears)!

Packing is also a bit of a challenge because Rylea like to remove things from boxes and hand them to me as I have to repack them.  It’s like packing things twice.  She’s pretty hilarious though and think she’s helping so we try to find little things that she can put into the boxes for us.  I think there might be a lot of cartoons and TV watching in her future so I can make a dent in getting things ready for the move.

There you have it Naples Family.  We’re moving.  It’s going to be quick but not painless I’m sure, and Devin and I are sad to say goodbye to an amazing group of friends and really family that we’ve come to love while living here.  We’re also really excited to see where God is taking our little family and excited about making new friends and experiencing new things.  Thank you all for your prayers through this big decision making time and for being there to help us out with everything over the past 3 years.  We’re really hoping that a lot of you decide to make a trip up to visit us soon!!


One thought on “Decision Time

  1. Kirsten, I haven’t written anything on these posts, but I’ve been reading them. I am sad to see you guys go, but also VERY excited for this new change in your lives! I can’t imagine the craziness happening right now (Ok, I can….you just described a bit of it), but please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I would be happen to watch Rylea for you one morning, or two or three, next week. Just ask:-) Good luck, and talk to you soon!

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