The Dust has Settled…

…for the most part, and we’re living life in Monroe.  We made it here on Sunday July 25, 2010 after a crazy trip from Naples.

There was a tropical storm coming up the gulf coast that weekend and we were in and out of rain for about 999 miles.  Insane.  Devin was driving the Budget moving truck with our black Cavalier towed behind it and his co-pilot, Belle, in the front seat with him.  I was behind him driving our Escape with Rylea and Michelle, Devin’s mom, in the backseat watching movies and keeping each other company.  We started out at about 3pm on Saturday, and made it all the way to the Florida border before Rylea was tired and ready to get out and go to bed.   We stopped in a tiny town and found a hotel that had one room left and that just so happened to accept dogs (THANK YOU JESUS!), and we camped out for the night.  Turned out if you stayed at the hotel you got free breakfast at Denny’s the next morning so that was awesome.  We were at Denny’s at 6 am and on the road again about 7am.  In and out of rain all day again and we finally made it to our new house in Monroe only to find that the water/electricity had not been turned on yet and wouldn’t be turned on until the next day, Monday.  So, we all stayed in a Holiday Inn that night and then started unloading the truck the next morning.  Well, Devin and his mom unloaded while I unpacked inside with Rylea.  A little later in the day 2 of our neighbors came outside and just started helping Devin and his mom unload the truck.  It was an amazing blessing because they were able to get all the heavy furniture off because I couldn’t lift anything and Devin’s mom has a bad back.  One of our neighbors, Kelly, is a local PE teacher at the high school around the corner and she’s pretty buff so her and Devin tackled the heavy stuff and then Kelly was on her way to Bible study.  Turns out our neighbors are all believers.  🙂  Not only did the Lord provide a safe and fairly easy trip from Naples to Monroe with 2 dogs and a baby on the inside and one on the outside, but He also provided us a safe place to live surrounded by His people.  He’s awesome!

It only took us about 3 days or so to get all the boxes unpacked and all the beds made and everything in it’s place.  Having Devin’s mom to help us move was amazing and we both agree that there was NO way that we could have done that trip without her to help us.  She worked on the house non-stop (including decorating our entire guest bathroom), and helped with everything from the dogs to Rylea.  She’s the best!

More on our new place to come!


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