First Impressions

My first impressions of Northeast Louisiana:

  • It’s HOT.  And I don’t mean like South Florida hot, I mean like insane heat that I’ve never experienced ever before.  I told my mom it’s a good thing I’m not going to hell because I’d never make it.  It’s over 100 everyday so far (around 102-104) and then with the heat index added on it’s been around 119!!!  I can’t even believe it.  Rylea and I have been holed up inside since we got here because there’s no way, being as pregnant as I am, that we’ll be going outside anytime soon unless it cools off.
  • There are no midwives in Louisiana.  Literally.  None.  Which makes it hard for us to figure out where we’re going to have this baby!  The closet midwife is in Marshall, TX which is 2.5 hours away and it’s just not possible for me to drive that far once every 2 weeks and then once a week soon enough for the prenatal care that I need, and she doesn’t offer home birthing services so we’re stuck.  I think the plan is to find an OB and meet with her for all my pre-natal stuff and then head back to Naples to have the baby with my midwife there.  So, we might be seeing some of you starting around the end of October, but we’re still deciding and trying to work out all the details.
  • I miss JoAnn Fabric.  I miss my very familiar fabric store and source of my many projects.  We don’t have one here and it’s  a bit disappointing.  We do have a Hancock Fabric and a Hobby Lobby though which is very exciting.  I’ve been to both already (of course) and bought some new fabrics and I’m excited to get started on new projects for the little man while I have a little lull in orders at the moment.
  • The bayou is beautiful.  I’m going to get a picture posted as soon I can go outside for more than 30 seconds without melting, but we live right on the Bayou DeSiard.  It’s gorgeous.  There are cypress trees growing out of the water and it’s just awesome to look at.
  • They call it a “buggy” instead of a shopping cart.  What is that about?
  • The first question Devin and I get asked when we’re out anywhere is: “You’re not from around here are ya?”  (in a thick Southern accent).
  • “Y’all” is way too widely used.
  • My children are probably going to have that crazy Southern accent and use the word “y’all”
  • I’ve never met more friendly people in my life than the people that live here in Monroe, it’s really great.
  • Our new church is pretty awesome too, and we love the pastor and his love for the Lord.  We’re hoping that Devin can start working less hours soon so we can make it to church regularly, but right now he’s working 7 days a week from about 7am – 5pm so things are a bit crazy for him at the course.
  • I think we’re going to like it here 🙂

2 thoughts on “First Impressions

  1. I’m so glad to hear things are going well (except the heat)! I’m am certain the bayou is beyond beautiful… and I am also certain that I can’t wait to hear your little ones say y’all! Buggies are the best – for some reason, my eldest doesn’t mind riding in a buggy, but he won’t ride in a cart – go figure. 🙂 Loving you and praying for you across the miles. I am very excited for this new adventure in your lives. Great to hear the update, and that Devin’s mom is the best!

    • Thanks for the updates Kirsten. I’ve been thinking about you guys. I’m glad for blogs and the internet….we can still know what is going on. Hang in there through the heat!

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