Rylea is now 14 (almost 15) months old and I’m thinking that we need to get her a potty and keep in the bathroom so she gets used to it and then I can put her on it once or twice a day and just get her acclimated slowly.   Every time I change her diaper she gets up and sees her dirty diaper all wound up and says “yuck” and shakes her hand at it.   So, I can tell she knows the difference between a clean diaper and a dirty diaper and I was thinking we could introduce the whole potty thing.  Devin thinks I’m crazy, and thinks it’s still too early.  I think Devin isn’t the one that has to be home with two babies in diapers in about 2 months.  So… what do you think?


One thought on “Thoughts?

  1. I think it always helps putting them on the potty early. I suggest the potty seats that actually go on the potty. My children didn’t really want a potty chair, plus I had a hard time keeping them on it. If it’s up on the real potty….they usually aren’t courageous enough to jump off:-) I would put her on every time you change her diaper…just for a minute or two and tell her that this is where she goes. Both of mine were potty trained young….Nicole was just under 2, and Hannah was actually like 15 months, but she had an older sister to catch up to:-) Those are just my experiences. I’m not sure what to do with Nathan, because he’ll eventually stand to go potty…so, do I teach him to stand first or sit down first? I don’t know! haha. As far as I’m concerned…the sooner they are potty trained, the better (but I will caution you that it isn’t easier when they are potty trained…it’s actually a bit harder and more work for the first few months. Because you have to get them to the bathroom NOW…they haven’t learned to hold it yet. Makes shopping of any sort a bit crazy, but also funny too) These are just my opinions, because you asked:-)

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