Car Seat Progress

Here is a picture of what Rylea’s car seat looked like when she used it.  I forgot to take my own before photos so this one is just one that I googled.And here is a picture of the same car seat that the little man will be using:

I managed to get the seat covered and bound last night.  I think I said something like this to Devin in the process, “The rest of our kids are sitting in a car seat with this pattern or else we’re just buying a new one.”  That about sums up how challenging it was.  I know now why women sell covers like this on etsy for $90+.  There were buttonholes, darts, and all sorts of other crazy things involved in the sewing of this bad boy.To be honest, I’ll probably tackle this thing again for the next baby, I’ll just do things in a different order so I’m not trying to shove 4 inches of padding into my sewing machine and get a straight line stitched on it!  All that I have left to recover is the canopy and that should be finished tonight!


5 thoughts on “Car Seat Progress

    • Thanks Michele for that vote of confidence! 🙂 I had no idea how to sew at the time I just knew that since I found out I was pregnant that September that I really wanted to be able to sew for my babies. So, I asked Devin for a machine and he got me one for Christmas that year. He got a really basic model from Walmart and told me, “I didn’t get the cheapest one, but I got the second cheapest.” lol So, I read the manual and watched the little DVD that came with my machine so I could learn how to thread it and everything. The very first thing I made was sheets for Rylea’s crib (which are horrible but they work and I still use them to this day) and whenever I didn’t know how to do something I just googled it or practiced and figured it out. I guess I just kinda taught myself to sew. Google and youtube has taught me a lot too!

  1. I love it!!! Such a good job makes me want to sew which is impressive since I actually don’t enjoy sewing at all. I gave it up in the 6th grade as soon as my mom allowed me to LOL but I actually think I will try my hand at it again soon because you have inspired me 🙂

  2. Kristen it is so beautiful! You do such a wonderful job of making everything so cute and fun! I will be working on curtains for Austin and Ethan’s closet. I am removing the doors that way no little fingers get pinched 🙂 Wish me luck as I have trouble sewing in a straight line!

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