Is it different?


Dieter will be one month old on Wednesday Dec. 8 and I’ve been thinking a lot about Rylea, and our first month with her.  Our little man is really not even comparable to Rylea right now because he is so different than she ever was.

Dieter is 4 weeks old and really not anywhere near sleeping through the night, as far as I’m concerned.  At this point, Ry was sleeping one good 5 hour stretch throughout the night.  I’ve never been so exhausted as I am now.  The little man is a CHUNK!  He hit 9 pounds at 3 weeks and is out of newborn clothes (it took Rylea about 9 weeks to get to this point).  He eats constantly and can’t really go more than about 3 hours, at the longest, without eating, and usually it’s about 1.5-2 hours in between.  I know I have plenty of milk supply because I’m constantly leaking in between feedings and I’m still really engorged 4 weeks later.  He just really likes to eat, and he hardly ever is a lazy eater falling asleep at meal time.  All that breastfeeding has given me an amazing appetite too, and I can eat huge quantities at breakfast, lunch, and dinner and then be hungry again an hour or two later.  I keep saying that I have no idea how my body is producing breast milk at this rate, but somehow I’m keeping up with his ravenous appetite.  It has been amazing for my weight loss I must say though, and hearing someone say, “You had a baby 4 weeks ago?  I can’t even tell,” never gets old.  🙂

Dieter is also a horrible sleeper for another reason.  He refuses to sleep by himself.  It’s driving me crazy.  He’ll fall asleep after nursing and I get up and lay him down in his bed.  About 5 minutes later, without exception, he wakes up screaming his little head off for me to come back and pick him up.  I don’t get how he can be in such a deep sleep that the sounds of his big sister playing with his daddy don’t wake him, and then as soon as I lay him down he’s up and he’s very unhappy.  I’ve tried really hard not to give into him and go pick him up, and I usually let him cry for a good 20 minutes before going to get him.  But, at this point, I’m so tired from lack of sleep that I’m just wanting to give into his wails and go and get him so we can at least get some sleep together.  Rylea was so so so easy.  We would just lay her down and she’d just put herself to sleep, always.  She still does.  She even walks to her room at nap time and tells me she wants to go night night.  This boy is just not a fan of sleep, and I have to rock him to sleep at night and lay him in bed ever so slowly and pray that he stays asleep for just 2 hours so I can get some rest.  Dieter also is at the point where he’s not comforted by Devin yet, and even when my sweet husband wants to give me a break from the baby, he just can’t and Dieter will scream and cry until he’s with me.  Crazy little boy.

Let me clarify and say, that I am not, by any means, complaining about all of this.  I’m just recording all these thoughts and feelings because I know one day in the future that my sweet boy will be 16 years old and so ready to be out from underneath his parents protection and guidance, and I’m going to dearly miss these days of walking around like a zombie on 3 hours of sleep everyday of the week.  I really love having a little boy, and wouldn’t change anything we’re going through right now for the world.  He’s brings such joy to our lives and I’m absolutely in love with watching Rylea love her little brother.

So, to answer the question from the title: Is it different having a boy?  The answer is wholeheartedly, yes.  But it’s equally fun, and equally an amazing privileged to be this little one’s mommy!


4 thoughts on “Is it different?

  1. Well I’m glad I wasn’t the only one having problems, when Jake was a baby sleeping was a challenge and is still to this day. He wants to be held to go the sleep then I have to carry him to his bed. He is now 17 months and has just started sleeping all night in his bed. I hope that it gets better for you.

    • Holy cow Krystal! I feel for you sister. Little Rylea has slept all through the night since 9 weeks old. I think she was an anomaly! We’ve been really thanking God for the blessing of such an easy little girl like Miss Rylea because now that we have Dieter, we really know how easy she is 🙂

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