RSV Update

Dieter’s appointment at the doctor yesterday went well.  He’s a whopping 11 pounds already by the way.  They listened to his lungs and all of his wheezing is gone, and his breathing is much less labored so we didn’t have to head to the hospital.  That’s an enormous answer to prayer so thank you all you prayer warriors out there joining us in praying for the healing of our babies!  I got a prescription filled for some meds to put in the nebulizer that will help open up their bronchial tubes and help them breathe better.  I have to do the breathing treatments with both kids every 4 hours around the clock for the next week.  Then we go back to the doc with both kiddos and have them checked out.  The doctor said that they should both be much better by then, so we’re going to continue to pray that that’s the case.  Praise the Lord for His hand in all of this because we all know He is the Great Physician and the only One that can cure my little ones!  Here they are getting some treatments last night.

So, here’s a typical day for me now:

8:00 am Rylea is up.  Clean out nose. Breathing treatment for her.  Clean nebulizer.  Administer antibiotics and other meds.  Change diaper.  Take temperature.  Put on her favorite show so I can take care of Dieter.

8:30 am Dieter is up.  Clean out nose. Breathing treatment for him.  Clean nebulizer.  Clean out nose.  Nurse.  Change diaper.  Take temp.

9:15 am Make breakfast for Rylea. Eat whatever she’s having. Clean up breakfast.

10:00 am Clean out vaporizer and fill with new water.  Start vaporizer in living room for the kiddos.

10:15 am Ry’s meds have kicked in so she’s crazy.  Play with Rylea and keep an eye on the baby’s breathing. Try to do some laundry/dishes/computer time ect.

11:00 am Rylea starts to have her afternoon meltdown because it’s getting close to naptime.  Hold her off of nap until noon so I can do another breathing treatment with her.  Clean out baby’s nose. Try to nurse the baby.  Clean out nose again.

12:00 Rylea breathing treatment. Clean nebulizer.  Clean nose.  Gather Ry’s baby/blanket/etc. and lay her down for a nap.

12:30 pm Clean Dieter’s nose. Dieter breathing treatment.  Clean nebulizer.  Clean nose again.  Try to get the baby to sleep at the same time Rylea does.  Baby sleeps.

1:00 pm Rylea is screaming in her crib “mommy daddy mommy daddy” because she can’t breathe when she lies down and doesn’t want to sleep.  Go get Rylea after having zero nap time.

1:15 pm Rylea comes to living room and wakes up the sleeping baby by trying to clean out his nose like mommy does.  Put cartoons on for Rylea so she will lie on couch and rest while I try to get the baby back to sleep.  Baby sleeps and I count his breaths per minute.  (Should be anywhere from 20-40, anything more means a trip to the hospital).

1:45 pm Rylea asks for lunch.  She doesn’t want anything I offer her.  She ends up snacking on an orange.  She isn’t eating much because she’s sick.  The afternoon meltdown returns because she still hasn’t had a nap.  Nap time attempt #2.  Let Rylea scream and cry in her crib until she finally passes out from exhaustion.

2:00 pm The baby is up coughing.  Clean his nose.  Beat his back to break up the mucous.  Clean his diaper.  Blowout.  Awesome.  Change babies clothes.  Run a load of laundry.  The dryer died so I now have to find creative areas to lie our clothes out to dry until Devin can fix it.  Try to nurse baby.  Clean baby’s nose.

3:00 pm Devin is home from work.  Get Devin’s meds and something to eat.  Get him comfortable on the couch with the vaporizer so he can rest.  Go through the mail and pay some bills.  Try to clean up and organize house and prepare for kids’ breathing treatments. Give my husband some attention.

4:00 pm Wake Rylea up.  Breathing treatment #1 and #2 with all the nose cleaning and nebulizer cleaning in between.  Try to keep kids happy while figuring out something for dinner.  Think about passing out or hiring a nanny.  The thoughts pass.

…and on and on and on…

My days are filled to the brim, but really I can’t complain about ministering to my family.  This is what I was made to do, and I love doing it.  I just hope my family gets better real soon!!

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