Training Up My Children

I just checked out my Google Reader and noticed that I have 211 subscriptions at the moment.  It gets bigger just about everyday.  I love to read a good blog if I’ve got some spare time, and it’s where I get inspired for many of my crafty ideas also.  I’ve got them all organized into different categories some of them are: Crafty, Quilts, Coupons, Homeschooling, and People I Know.  If you’re ever looking for an idea, I’ve got a blog for that.  Seriously.  But, I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you in the Homeschooling department.  I’m sure you seasoned moms have many more resources that you use online so please share them with me in the comments!!!

  • 1+1+1=1: The woman that runs this blog is a pretty awesome homeschooler.  The title comes from Ecclesiastes 4:12 (also from the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit being 1 God).  It’s an amazing resource for printables, ideas, you name it.  Make sure you check out “Tot School” and her philosophies on teaching her children.  I’ve gotten lost in her blog for hours before.
  • Totally Tots:  Ran by the same woman as above, the mission of this blog is to help Christian mama’s train up their kiddos in the way they should go.  There are really awesome resources and printables that you can use to teach your kids ABCs and Bible stories all at the same time.  FANTASTIC if you ask me.
  • Bible Story Printables: Ever heard of Seeds Family Worship?  Well if you haven’t, check them out.  They have these awesome CDs (find them here or on Amazon here) that take Bible verses and change them into catchy songs to help your little ones memorize scripture.  (It’s never to early to start hiding those bits of truth in their little hearts.)  This website has printable worksheets, coloring pages, books, flashcards, etc. that go along with each of the Seeds songs so you can reinforce those verses even more.  Pretty awesome.

Now, I realize that Rylea isn’t even 2 yet, but it’s never to early to start working on things with her, and I’m home all day, so why not?  I’ve made her laminated flashcards that she really just kinda throws around and plays with right now but I can sneak in a “What’s that Rylea?” or “What color is that apple?” and we can work on learning basic things as we play together.  Being home is such a blessing, and I’m going to chose not to “eat the bread of idleness”, at least not when it comes to teaching my kids and raising them to be God honoring people!

5 thoughts on “Training Up My Children

  1. you go Mama!!! I did the same thing with caden and those flashcards totally work. Thanks for the tips on the blogs to look at for homeschooling. Caden turns 5 this year so this is a big year for us. We have already been doing it but just for preschool not the big K : / I am a little nervous but I know God is leading us. Praying for you guys. I know Jeni is too. ❤

  2. Hey Haley, what homeschool material are you using or are you just making it up as you go? Does Casey do the same things with Caden? How far apart are they in age?

    • I have been doing Letter Of the Week one of my friends told me about it then I found it online for free. So I use that as a kind of outline then I make my own agenda for the week too as I see fit for them. Casey is 15 months younger than Caden and so I have her do it right along with Caden as best she can. She loves school sometimes and other times she mostly just doodles while Caden practices his letters LOL but she likes to show her daddy her accomplishments so she at least tries for part of the time. I am also surprised at what she picks up when she is just sitting in my lap while Caden and I are playing a math game that she seemed to have previously lost total interest in.

  3. I love She has a ton of printables she has made up as well as Bible/Character studies and helpful “mamma” posts as well. I also like for some good handwriting practice. Finally, has wonderful unit studies that moms have made up for all ages. Some that even Rylea could do now. It is a nice change with lots of crafts and lapbooks.

    Haley, We are starting My Father’s World in a couple of weeks. I did a few weeks this fall until Nicole started Classical Conversations. So…in 3 weeks when CC is done, we are looking forward to a change of pace and using My Father’s World. I love any homeschool blogs/ideas as well….

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