Puff Quilt

Ever since I saw these quilts over on Honeybear Lane, I fell in love.  Don’t they just look so cuddly and warm?  All those little puffy squares are just gorgeous and making me wish I could fit into one of those cribs and take a long nap!

Image via Honeybear Lane

Heidi, the designer and blog owner, orginally had a free tutorial on her blog that you could follow and make your own quilt, and I read through the entire thing and planned on making one for Rylea for her new big girl bed.  Eventually, Heidi took that tutorial and revamped it and now you can get it here.  I consider myself a pretty experienced sewer and I can usually recreate something if I see a picture of it or if someone brings an idea to me and asks me to make something custom for them.  So, once the tutorial was taken down, I decided to continue with my original plan and I started making my quilt per the tutorial in my head.  I just planned on winging it along the way if I had to.  Well, wouldn’t you know, Heidi hosted a pretty AMAZING giveaway a couple of weeks ago where the first 100 commenters on her facebook page were emailed a free copy of her new tutorial.  I was one of those commentors!  (May I just also say that I enter giveaways on an almost daily basis and this is the only one I’ve ever won.)

Using the new 57 page PDF tutorial as my guide, I whipped up this little number for Rylea.

Pink and Black Puff Quilt

I changed some things up like the size, and the method of piecing and attaching the binding among other things, but Heidi’s instructions were amazing to reference along the way.

I used a fat quarter bundle along with one print from my own stash to make 9×9 square quilt top.

I used some black yardage for the border and then an awesome pink and black zebra print for the back and the binding.  (By the way, make your own binding, it’s so much easier than the store bought kind.)  Here’s a great tutorial if you don’t know how.

Rylea’s reaction to the finished quilt yesterday was “OOOHHHH mommy, I wike it so much!”  which she said on a couple of occasions and she even slept with it in her crib last night (among the 100 stuffed animals and other required sleeping items).  Which just brings me so much joy.  I put a fair amount of time into this quilt so I’m very happy it has been well received.

I highly recommend the puff quilt tutorial if you’re interested.  It’s colorful and really well written and really easy to follow.  There’s also all sorts of tips in there for a beginning sewer that makes this an achievable project.

If you’re interested in more stuff I’ve made click the “You Made That?” tab on the top of the page or check out my Etsy store here.

7 thoughts on “Puff Quilt

  1. Awesome job!! How long did this take you to make?
    I wish you lived in Florida so we could have craft nights!

    • Thanks Jen! I stretched it out over a month or so because we had family in and out coming to visit, but once I sat down this week I finished it in just two nights. I think overall it would have been just a few days, maybe a week or so. Not too long. Craft nights would be a ton of fun!! We could watch Yankee games and sew at the same time 😉

      • Haha! I am actually watching the Yanks against the Tigers right now. I am soo happy that baseball started!

  2. It looks great!! I too made quilts for my boys and it’s so much fun. Too bad it’s too hot here in FL for them to get much use. OH WELL.
    AND…really 57 page tutorial PDF….how could it possibly be that long!! Looks like it was worth the pages though because it’s super cute!!

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