Rylea’s 2nd Birthday

On May 30 my little Rylea turned 2 years old.  My little sister and little brother, Melissa and Jonathan, came to visit us in Louisiana all the way from New York, and they got to celebrate with us too!  We sent Rylea to bed on Sunday night and got to decorating the house and wrapping presents so we could surprise her in the morning.

I created the cake bunting in Microsoft Publisher and Mel cut it out and glued it to some ribbon.  Then I tied it to some chopsticks and stuck it in the cake.  Easy and cute.

We blew up about a million balloons and then Mel and I sewed them together into a banner that we hung over her new bike from Grandpa.

We had lots of cake, m&ms, donuts, and just sugar in general.  Rylea was definitely princess for the day and fun was had by all.  We are just so thankful for our little Princess Rylea and we love her so much.  She has brought so much joy to our lives these past two years and I love watching her grow!












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