Upcycled Dress

I bought two Rapunzel shirts at Old Navy last weekend when they were having a pretty good sale.  One for Rylea and one for her cousin.  I figured it’s spring time and Rylea really doesn’t like to wear anything that’s not a dress, so I brought them home and they sat for about 2 days until I figured out what I wanted to do.  Image

I cut the bottoms of the shirts off, made 2 pattern pieces and attached some knit yardage to the bottom by serging it on.  Super quick, super easy, and I finished both dresses in about 2 hours last night.


Here’s a view of the back.  I found both of those fabrics in the clearance section at my local fabric store.  $2.95 a yard?  Yes please.


I can’t wait to see those girlies twirling in their new dresses!  Contact me if you want some of your own!

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