Yellow and Gray

I’d have to say that yellow and gray is one of my favorite color combinations right now.  I love that gray goes with everything, and you’ll often see yellow and gray show up in my pictures and in my shop.  I went to the fabric store a couple of days ago looking for something inspiring, and I was going through the MOUNDS of bolt on the $5.00 a yard table.  I literally had to put my purse down and put up heavy fabrics and put them to the side as I was sorting through the clearance table.  Almost at the very bottom was a half yard of a yellow chevron drapery panel.  Jackpot.  I picked it up knowing it was going to cost me only $2.5 but seriously I would have bought a lot more if there was more left.  I grabbed some gray to match and made a new purse out of everything.

I think it came together great!  There are intentional imperfections in the fabric that give it such character, and I’m still debating on selling this one or keeping it for myself.  I did find more of this fabric online so I could order more if I wanted to make more but alas it’s $8.48 per yard.  Can’t beat that $5.00 price!

You can see the inside peeking out of this picture.  I choose to go with a yellow gingham for the inside.  I love mixing prints, and I think the tiny gingham really balances the bold chevron on the outside.  Here’s a better view.

All in all, I think this one came out pretty cute.  I cut it one night after the kids went to bed and then sewed it up the next day.  Devin is away on Coast Guard duty until late Sunday night, so I’m fitting in the sewing time wherever I can.  Hope you like it!

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