La La Loopsy: Pix E Flutters Custom Dress

If you have a little girl then I’m pretty sure you’ll know what a La La Loopsy is.  They are these little dolls that are kind of a modern take on the old rag doll.  My 2 and a half year old daughter and her cousin love them.  Actually, love is a gross understatement.  Have you seen the new La La Loopsy tshirts?  Well, I can’t seem to find them anywhere in this town of ours, and my sister in law hasn’t had any luck either.  So, I made a dress for the girls with an image of their new favorite Loopsy doll, Pix E Flutters.


I added some neon green to the sleeves to match Pix E’s hair and then a couple panels to the bottom as well.  A pink neckline completes the look.


The one pictures is a 2T measuring 19” in length and 12.75” across the chest.  You can order one by emailing me or contacting me through my Facebook Page.


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