After a few tries at a shark pattern, I finally managed to draft one that worked!Seriously, this one took me a long time to figure out.  I’m not sure why sewing a stuffed animal shark was such a challenge, but it was and after much enlarging and shrinking and drawing and redrawing I think he was definitely well worth the effort it took to create him.

He’s made out of gray, white, and black felt and I embroidered the gills on his sides with embroidery floss.  I stuffed him with poly fil and he’ll be on his way today to his new home.

He’s actually a gift for a pregnant mommy-to-be that loves Jaws, the movie.  How great is that?!

And here’s another picture because it’s super cute, and because it shows how big he is in relation to a two year old. 🙂


Um… Excuse me?

I really like checking my blog stats.  It reminds me that there are 10 people that read my blog in a month, if I’m lucky.  I was checking my sweet stats just now and…

Someone Googled, “how to make a sucky puff quilt” and got to my blog that way.

Really Google?  Now I make sucky puff quilts?

I did my own Google search.  Turns out it’s not as bad as I thought.  Whew.

In case you forgot, here’s the one I made.

Heard Around the DeWitt House Recently

Kirsten sitting on the bed nursing Dieter while Rylea looks on in amazement.

Rylea: “Bite please”

*Kirsten looks at Devin hoping he can come up with something to tell their 17 month old daughter that will explain why she can’t have a “bite” of what Dieter is having a bite of.*

Devin: No Rylea, those are Dieter’s bites.  Lets go get a snack instead.

In Case You Were Wondering

Air Wick plug in air fresheners are non-toxic.  And, if you suspect that your baby pulled it out of the wall and took a bite of the spongy perfume part while you were in the bathroom, all you need to do is flush their mouths out with water and keep an eye out for other symptoms.

All of this information is courtesy of poison control.

Maybe I’ll be changing a very nice smelling diaper later on.

Back in the (auditing) Saddle…

When I first started out at the firm here in Naples I met a lot of really great people and fellow believers that have changed my life for the better.  I learned a lot about tax returns and auditing (yes, i love it, and no it’s not boring to me), but more importantly I learned some very priceless information about my Savior from some priceless people.  Two of these people are Ashley and Jen.

Jen and I already had something in common from the beginning because her husband grew up in Angola, IN which was the same town that Devin and I went to college in and it may or may not be the same town I was born in. 😉  Jen and her husband Jarrad are two of the most generous people I know.  They’re always the first ones to call us over for dinner on a Sunday night to help us lighten our load if even for one night a week is an amazing blessing to us alone.  They are an awesome hosting duo and really know how to welcome you into their home with loving arms.  Jarrad is a CPA himself and the partner at a local accounting firm.  Jen and Jarrad both have been with us through this crazy financial walk right now with me losing my job and our main source of household income and Jarrad mentioned that he needed help at his firm keeping up with tax season audits.  He came up with a plan where I could work from home for him and I would still be able to stay home with Rylea and still be able to help Devin with the financial responsibilities at home.   I’ll be working part-time mainly on an as needed basis (as far as the next few months are concerned, I’m sure there will be no shortage of work) and it will help me keep up to speed with the ever-changing world of accounting and tax law, and I’ll be able to continue doing something I love.   It’s just amazing that God brought the Browns into our lives a year and a half ago knowing that Jarrad would be offering me a job in the future.  I am just beyond thankful for the opportunity the Lord has presented me through Jarrad and the other partners at his firm, and I’m completely in awe of the fact that they’ve had no problem with me bringing Rylea (a CRAZY almost 8 month old) into a professional office setting.  They’ve set me up in my own office in the back of the building where I’ve brought toys and Rylea’s pack and play.  Rylea and I audit back there and I try to keep her from stealing the mouse, banging on the computer, and wiping out entire 3 page spreadsheets that I just completed (yes, that happened today).  I’ve never been in a more challenging environment trying to keep my accounting hats and mommy hats on at the same time, but who can complain?????  I’ve got a work at home job in this failing economy when thousands of people are out looking for jobs everyday.  I am blessed beyond measure and I just love our sweet friends.

So, as of Monday this week I am now a hybrid of a mom.  I’m one of those WAH/SAHM (work at home/stay at home moms for you lay people).  Pretty cool huh?  Now who in the Naples area needs their taxes done? 🙂

Things I never thought I’d do in a lifetime…

1. Pick someone’s boogers
2. Have poop under my fingernails (sometimes mutiple times a day)
3. Have puke in my hair
4. Wake up on wet sheets, reeking of spoiled milk
5. Be peed on
6. Willingly place a person in a chair to have a front row seat to watch me shower
7. Last 9 weeks with 3-4 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period
8. Give up coffee for 9 months and then even longer
9. Lend my finger/knuckle to someone to suck on
10. Stare obssessively at someone sleeping
11. Make ridiculously stupid faces and sounds just to see one tiny smile
12. Kiss someone, other than my husband, 1000 times a day
13. Forget to shower or eat (most likely because I’m too busy with #11 and 12)
14. Grow a set of “mommy claws” (you know, the kind that come out when some stranger at the grocery store sticks their head all the way into the carseat!)
15. Be a mommy