June has been a very challenging month around here to say the least.

Teething has been awful for Dieter and has caused all sorts of symptoms like fever, throwing up, no sleep, no eating, stomach problems, you name it he’s got it.  I even took him to the doctor once because I thought surely something else must be going on here but they couldn’t find anything else wrong with him.  He’s just been super sensitive to his teeth and he’s miserable.  He’s got 2 now on the bottom and he’s working on 2 more.

I started potty training Rylea which was a complete failure up until recently and we often started our days with her screaming, “I NEED A DIAPER MOMMY!!!!!!!”  No amount of Minnie or Dora big girl panties was going to convince this girl that she could be a big girl.  I was determined though to not regress so we pushed through it.  If she can tell me when she’s doing a #2 and tell me she needs a new diaper then it’s time to go on the potty as far as I’m concerned.  Plus, 2 babies in diapers is exhausting mentally and financially and I’m over it.

Dieter also discovered this new trick called crawling.  He’s not the typical crawler though, he’s an army crawler.  Using one of his feet to get some leverage, he pulls the rest of his body using his arms and just kinda drags himself everywhere.  Surprisingly he’s really quick and getting into everything he can get his hands on.  I also think being direct pressure on his belly constantly has added to the throwing up and it’s often heard around here, “Mommy, Dieter pook again,” and sure enough I round the corner to see him sliding around in it all over the floor.  Yuck.

All of this is normal kid stuff, but I don’t think it would be as taxing and exhausting if we had friends or family around to lend a hand when things get tough or when I need to go to the doctor or the store or something.  I have not had one single break from the kids since we moved here 1 year ago.  There’s just no one around to offer that break to us, and I refuse to offer my children up to any strangers.  It is so the desire of my heart that the Lord would orchestrate a job for Devin closer to family!

On top of all the stuff with the kiddos, some terrible stuff has happened at the golf course and Devin’s job security is now questionable to say the least and we’re just kinda living day by day not knowing what’s going to happen next.  Through all of this though, I hold tight to the promise of Jeremiah 29:11 for our family and know that He is in control and He is the One that we will answer to in the end.  I’m so thankful I’m not at the wheel of my life because I’m sure I’ve drive it into a ditch constantly!!!

Here’s hoping for a better July!

Rylea Goes Potty

Rylea finally decided to pee in the potty yesterday.  Holy cow, she won’t be in diapers until she goes to high school?  Great!

We’ve been without a diaper for 4 days now expect at bed and naptime.  Rylea knows she’ll get a diaper at nap so she would hold it the.entire.day. and she’d go in her diaper as soon as she went to bed.  I was even giving her liquids all the time, and hoping for an accident even so we could quickly make it to the potty and have the “don’t pee on the floor” discussion.  It was driving me crazy.  So, yesterday I had the revelation to not do a nap with her at all.

Finally, around 4pm she said she had to potty (which she was saying all the time and sitting and not going) so I said ok and told her to sit on the potty thinking that nothing would come of it.  Well she peed right away and just looked at me with a big smile on her face.  Mommy started acting like a fool, singing and dancing and jumping up and down.   I was so happy I was literally trying not to cry.  We cleaned up and I picked her up and swung her around in a circle.  Man that was awesome.

Now, she did have a #2 accident on the floor yesterday which is the most disgusting thing ever.  Ugh, so gross.  She started screaming “MOMMY I NEED A DIAPER!” and before the word diaper was out of her mouth, there it went.  Right on the floor.  That was especially awesome because I also have a crawling 7 month that is very curious.  You can imagine….

So, anyway, I just wanted to document Ry’s very first successful use of the potty here so I could remember it later.  Here’s hoping for more!

Rylea’s 2nd Birthday

On May 30 my little Rylea turned 2 years old.  My little sister and little brother, Melissa and Jonathan, came to visit us in Louisiana all the way from New York, and they got to celebrate with us too!  We sent Rylea to bed on Sunday night and got to decorating the house and wrapping presents so we could surprise her in the morning.

I created the cake bunting in Microsoft Publisher and Mel cut it out and glued it to some ribbon.  Then I tied it to some chopsticks and stuck it in the cake.  Easy and cute.

We blew up about a million balloons and then Mel and I sewed them together into a banner that we hung over her new bike from Grandpa.

We had lots of cake, m&ms, donuts, and just sugar in general.  Rylea was definitely princess for the day and fun was had by all.  We are just so thankful for our little Princess Rylea and we love her so much.  She has brought so much joy to our lives these past two years and I love watching her grow!












Training Up My Children

I just checked out my Google Reader and noticed that I have 211 subscriptions at the moment.  It gets bigger just about everyday.  I love to read a good blog if I’ve got some spare time, and it’s where I get inspired for many of my crafty ideas also.  I’ve got them all organized into different categories some of them are: Crafty, Quilts, Coupons, Homeschooling, and People I Know.  If you’re ever looking for an idea, I’ve got a blog for that.  Seriously.  But, I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you in the Homeschooling department.  I’m sure you seasoned moms have many more resources that you use online so please share them with me in the comments!!!

  • 1+1+1=1: The woman that runs this blog is a pretty awesome homeschooler.  The title comes from Ecclesiastes 4:12 (also from the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit being 1 God).  It’s an amazing resource for printables, ideas, you name it.  Make sure you check out “Tot School” and her philosophies on teaching her children.  I’ve gotten lost in her blog for hours before.
  • Totally Tots:  Ran by the same woman as above, the mission of this blog is to help Christian mama’s train up their kiddos in the way they should go.  There are really awesome resources and printables that you can use to teach your kids ABCs and Bible stories all at the same time.  FANTASTIC if you ask me.
  • Bible Story Printables: Ever heard of Seeds Family Worship?  Well if you haven’t, check them out.  They have these awesome CDs (find them here or on Amazon here) that take Bible verses and change them into catchy songs to help your little ones memorize scripture.  (It’s never to early to start hiding those bits of truth in their little hearts.)  This website has printable worksheets, coloring pages, books, flashcards, etc. that go along with each of the Seeds songs so you can reinforce those verses even more.  Pretty awesome.

Now, I realize that Rylea isn’t even 2 yet, but it’s never to early to start working on things with her, and I’m home all day, so why not?  I’ve made her laminated flashcards that she really just kinda throws around and plays with right now but I can sneak in a “What’s that Rylea?” or “What color is that apple?” and we can work on learning basic things as we play together.  Being home is such a blessing, and I’m going to chose not to “eat the bread of idleness”, at least not when it comes to teaching my kids and raising them to be God honoring people!

Is it different?


Dieter will be one month old on Wednesday Dec. 8 and I’ve been thinking a lot about Rylea, and our first month with her.  Our little man is really not even comparable to Rylea right now because he is so different than she ever was.

Dieter is 4 weeks old and really not anywhere near sleeping through the night, as far as I’m concerned.  At this point, Ry was sleeping one good 5 hour stretch throughout the night.  I’ve never been so exhausted as I am now.  The little man is a CHUNK!  He hit 9 pounds at 3 weeks and is out of newborn clothes (it took Rylea about 9 weeks to get to this point).  He eats constantly and can’t really go more than about 3 hours, at the longest, without eating, and usually it’s about 1.5-2 hours in between.  I know I have plenty of milk supply because I’m constantly leaking in between feedings and I’m still really engorged 4 weeks later.  He just really likes to eat, and he hardly ever is a lazy eater falling asleep at meal time.  All that breastfeeding has given me an amazing appetite too, and I can eat huge quantities at breakfast, lunch, and dinner and then be hungry again an hour or two later.  I keep saying that I have no idea how my body is producing breast milk at this rate, but somehow I’m keeping up with his ravenous appetite.  It has been amazing for my weight loss I must say though, and hearing someone say, “You had a baby 4 weeks ago?  I can’t even tell,” never gets old.  🙂

Dieter is also a horrible sleeper for another reason.  He refuses to sleep by himself.  It’s driving me crazy.  He’ll fall asleep after nursing and I get up and lay him down in his bed.  About 5 minutes later, without exception, he wakes up screaming his little head off for me to come back and pick him up.  I don’t get how he can be in such a deep sleep that the sounds of his big sister playing with his daddy don’t wake him, and then as soon as I lay him down he’s up and he’s very unhappy.  I’ve tried really hard not to give into him and go pick him up, and I usually let him cry for a good 20 minutes before going to get him.  But, at this point, I’m so tired from lack of sleep that I’m just wanting to give into his wails and go and get him so we can at least get some sleep together.  Rylea was so so so easy.  We would just lay her down and she’d just put herself to sleep, always.  She still does.  She even walks to her room at nap time and tells me she wants to go night night.  This boy is just not a fan of sleep, and I have to rock him to sleep at night and lay him in bed ever so slowly and pray that he stays asleep for just 2 hours so I can get some rest.  Dieter also is at the point where he’s not comforted by Devin yet, and even when my sweet husband wants to give me a break from the baby, he just can’t and Dieter will scream and cry until he’s with me.  Crazy little boy.

Let me clarify and say, that I am not, by any means, complaining about all of this.  I’m just recording all these thoughts and feelings because I know one day in the future that my sweet boy will be 16 years old and so ready to be out from underneath his parents protection and guidance, and I’m going to dearly miss these days of walking around like a zombie on 3 hours of sleep everyday of the week.  I really love having a little boy, and wouldn’t change anything we’re going through right now for the world.  He’s brings such joy to our lives and I’m absolutely in love with watching Rylea love her little brother.

So, to answer the question from the title: Is it different having a boy?  The answer is wholeheartedly, yes.  But it’s equally fun, and equally an amazing privileged to be this little one’s mommy!

Dieter Bryce DeWitt

November 7-8, 2010.  Those are days I’ll never forget! 🙂

You guys might already know that Devin and I decided to use a midwife for this pregnancy, and that means giving birth with no option of any pain meds whatsoever.  For me, that meant giving birth the way that the Lord intended for me to give birth.  For Devin, that meant that he was stressed out over seeing his wife in the worst pain of her life.  I’m not going to lie and say it was a pain-free experience like I’ve heard some women say it was for them.  It was, by far, the most painful and challenging thing I’ve ever done.  I’ve had a broken/dislocated jaw, I’ve been run over by a riding lawn mower (thank you Mel), I’ve had two of my teeth knocked out in a fist fight (again, Mel), and I’ve even been attacked in the face by a 100+ pound dog.  None of those experiences even come close to natural childbirth.  Devin described the experience to his mom like this, “Well, her head spun around like the Exorcist a few times.”  And he said to someone else, “I really thought she was going to walk out of there and go to the hospital and get an epidural.”

All that being said, I’d do it over any day, any time in a second.  It was amazing to say the least.  I’m very thankful that I was able to go through labor and delivery this way, and I know it was the way the Lord wanted us to have our little boy.  I really feel like God was glorified in the whole process, and I loved every horrifically painful moment.  People have asked me if I’m proud of myself or what I accomplished, and I want to make it clear that without my memorized scripture or a husband praying over me through the worst contractions, there’s no way I could have done what I did.  John 15:5 says “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”

I’ll spare you the details here for obvious reasons, and I won’t be posting our labor video that’s for sure, but there are some major difference between Rylea’s delivery and Dieter’s delivery that I’d thought I’d share.

  • For one, we were back home sitting down eating dinner just 6 hours after he was born.  He was born at 2:54 pm and I was sitting on the couch by 9:00 after hitting the drive through.  When we had Rylea we were in the hospital for 48 hours.  Being home recovering was a lot more comfortable, and peaceful for us than being in the hospital for that long.  We didn’t have to leave Rylea for very long, and we were able to just hang out in the comfort of our own (well Jody’s) home.
  • Recovery was a lot quicker this time around.  It might have something to do with being my second baby, but I was up and walking to the bathroom on my own (when I had the epidural Devin had to carry me to the bathroom because I still couldn’t use my legs) 20 minutes after delivery.  I was able to get up and do everything on my own and without the after effects of pitocin and the epidural.
  • Dieter was mine after delivery.  They put him right on my chest and let me have him for a good 3-4 hours before taking him to be weighed and examined.  He was MINE.  I just held him and talked to him and we checked each other out for a long time.  There were no doctors to give him a bath and drag him this way and that and take measurements and whatnot.  Those were my favorite moments sitting there next to Devin in a room all alone just taking in what just happened.
  • 90% of the time I was in labor, it was just Devin and I in the room.  I was free to move around, or not as I needed to, and we didn’t have a million different people coming in and out of the room doing a million different things we didn’t understand.  In fact, when it was time to push Devin had to go out and get our midwife.  It was so great having all that privacy and to be able to bond with my husband over the birth of our son.

So, here are the stats:

Dieter Bryce DeWitt

Labor started: 11/7/10 11:30 pm

Born: November 8, 2010 2:54pm

Weight at birth: 6 pounds 12 ounces

Weight 11/10/10: 6 pounds 8 ounces

Weight 11/12/10: 6 pounds 12 ounces

Weight 11/18/10: 7 pounds 4 ounces

Height: 21 3/4 inches


Rylea is now 14 (almost 15) months old and I’m thinking that we need to get her a potty and keep in the bathroom so she gets used to it and then I can put her on it once or twice a day and just get her acclimated slowly.   Every time I change her diaper she gets up and sees her dirty diaper all wound up and says “yuck” and shakes her hand at it.   So, I can tell she knows the difference between a clean diaper and a dirty diaper and I was thinking we could introduce the whole potty thing.  Devin thinks I’m crazy, and thinks it’s still too early.  I think Devin isn’t the one that has to be home with two babies in diapers in about 2 months.  So… what do you think?

Baby Updates and More

Well we’re now technically 28 weeks along if you go by the original due date of November 11.  But, if you remember, our last ultrasound was putting us around November 5th (one week earlier) and then at my next appointment I was measuring another week early and that’s putting us somewhere at the end of October now.  So really, God is the only one that knows when this baby is going to show his little (or big) face around here but we’re bracing ourselves for an early arrival!

So, in the mean time I’m trying to get all my sewing for the baby done in between hanging out with Rylea and working for Devin’s golf course as the “from home controller.”  I’ve decided not to buy anything for this baby that I can’t make myself because it’s much cheaper to use my sewing machine, so here’s my ever-growing list:

  • Crib bedding (including the bumper, sheets etc.)
  • Receiving blankets
  • Burpies
  • Bibs
  • Recover Rylea’s infant carseat/swing/stroller to make them man-friendly (unless someone awesome buys us new stuff which we’re not planning on happening) I’ve started on the car seat and I’m excited to see how it turns out
  • Boppy pillow cover

One thing I have FINISHED is his quilt.  Which also happens to be the first quilt I’ve ever sewn and I have to tell you, I’m hooked.  I actually finished it before we ever left Naples, but I just took some pictures of it today to post.

Zig Zag Quilt

Front and Back

Close up of quilting and binding

Quick synopsis of the quilt.  I used solids in green, orange, and blue and also patterns in the same colors for the alternating zig zags.  It’s hard to see in these pictures, but I’m happy with the patterned mixed with the solids and the look it ends up with.  I quilted 1/4 inch from each edge of the colored zig zags leaving that same pattern on the back of the quilt.  I made the binding myself using a red solid and pattern fabric and hand stitched the whole darn thing onto the quilt.   I love that method and think I’m going to use it every time now.  I used a couple tutorials from across the blog world like this one and this one and this one to help guide me in the right direction.

I am aware that baby #2 has a handmade quilt before baby #1, but Rylea’s going to get one too as that is also already in the works.  🙂  Can’t wait to start on that one!


Devin and I had our 19 week ultrasound yesterday to see the anatomy of the baby and the size and find out the sex.  First glance of the little one was a profile shot of the bitty baby sleeping away.  It just amazes me to see how they change so much from just 8 weeks to 20 weeks.  Crazy.  God is awesome.  Then, the tech asked us if we wanted to know the sex and I said yes and she panned over to that area and I knew right away that we weren’t looking at anything that resembled Rylea in there.  It was pretty obvious that it was a boy right away.  I was shocked!

I had convinced myself in my mind this whole time that we were having another girl, and hadn’t even entertained the idea of a boy being in there, but man was I wrong (and stupid for thinking that I was the One in control of this whole thing)!  I looked over at Devin right away who had a huge smile on his face and a little Rylea on his lap saying “baby, baby” while pointing at the screen.  We’re so excited to be having a little boy being added to the mix.  I’m looking forward to watching him and Devin wrestle and get dirty and smelly and doing all those boy things that Rylea doesn’t so much like to do.  I have loved every minute of getting to dress my little girl up and putting bows on her head and sewing very girly things for her, and now I get to make a shift from pink to blue and sew little manly things.  🙂  Looking forward to seeing how the dynamic in our family will change in the next few months, and what great joy the new little one will bring to all of us!

Praise the Lord for another healthy baby!