Rylea Goes Potty

Rylea finally decided to pee in the potty yesterday.  Holy cow, she won’t be in diapers until she goes to high school?  Great!

We’ve been without a diaper for 4 days now expect at bed and naptime.  Rylea knows she’ll get a diaper at nap so she would hold it the.entire.day. and she’d go in her diaper as soon as she went to bed.  I was even giving her liquids all the time, and hoping for an accident even so we could quickly make it to the potty and have the “don’t pee on the floor” discussion.  It was driving me crazy.  So, yesterday I had the revelation to not do a nap with her at all.

Finally, around 4pm she said she had to potty (which she was saying all the time and sitting and not going) so I said ok and told her to sit on the potty thinking that nothing would come of it.  Well she peed right away and just looked at me with a big smile on her face.  Mommy started acting like a fool, singing and dancing and jumping up and down.   I was so happy I was literally trying not to cry.  We cleaned up and I picked her up and swung her around in a circle.  Man that was awesome.

Now, she did have a #2 accident on the floor yesterday which is the most disgusting thing ever.  Ugh, so gross.  She started screaming “MOMMY I NEED A DIAPER!” and before the word diaper was out of her mouth, there it went.  Right on the floor.  That was especially awesome because I also have a crawling 7 month that is very curious.  You can imagine….

So, anyway, I just wanted to document Ry’s very first successful use of the potty here so I could remember it later.  Here’s hoping for more!


Rylea is now 14 (almost 15) months old and I’m thinking that we need to get her a potty and keep in the bathroom so she gets used to it and then I can put her on it once or twice a day and just get her acclimated slowly.   Every time I change her diaper she gets up and sees her dirty diaper all wound up and says “yuck” and shakes her hand at it.   So, I can tell she knows the difference between a clean diaper and a dirty diaper and I was thinking we could introduce the whole potty thing.  Devin thinks I’m crazy, and thinks it’s still too early.  I think Devin isn’t the one that has to be home with two babies in diapers in about 2 months.  So… what do you think?