Ladies and gentlemen, we have teeth.

Scooter’s teeth have finally reared their little heads and are coming up through her bottom gums.  Devin noticed them on Saturday and told me about it and at that time you could barely feel the ridges of two little baby teeth poking through.  Today you can see and feel them and my poor little darling has been whiny and irritable and pulling on her ear and everything for a few days now.  Lets just hope this passes soon.

In the meantime, I have found the weirdest solution to the teething woes and the solution presented itself in the form of a pickle.  No joke.  This girl LOVES pickles.  All I do is strip her down to her diaper and give her one of those pickle spears and she’s happy for a good 15 min to a half hour just munching away.  It’s easy for her to hold, cold, and i think the rubbery texture must soothe her gums because she’s just really happy whenever she sees that pickle coming her way.  Totally odd, but it works.  The other thing that seems to be helping is the tylenol bottle.  Not the actual tylenol inside, but the bottle itself.  The tylenol is in one of those bottle with a dropper and the top of the dropper is soft and gummy and rubbery and she LOVES to chew on it.  So, when all else fails, just let your baby play with the packaging the medication comes in.  You might not win mom of the year award, but you just might keep your sanity! 🙂

Thanksgiving 2009

As a surprise this year, we made it up to Indiana to visit Devin’s family.  The only people that knew were his mom and dad and it was so much fun surprising everyone!  We had a great time and were beyond blessed by Devin’s parents and the rest of his generous and loving family.  I hope one day that we’re able to live closer to them, and see them on a more regular basis.  Here are a few pictures:

So tired from playing with all those toys!

Sitting with great-grandma!

Halloween 2009

We were invited to the Brown’s for a Halloween lunch this year with strict orders to dress up so we had to deliver!


Jen as that goth girl from NCIS, Ashley as grape laffy taffy, and me as "Billy Bob"

Ashley and I had fun making her grape laffy taffy costume which suits her so well.  You are what you eat right?


Rylea on her first Halloween as a hot pink crayon.

Some have asked me how I made her crayon costume.  The costume is pink felt.  I took an outfit of Rylea’s and just traced around it on the felt leaving extra fabric for a seam allowance and because felt doesn’t stretch so well when trying to put it on an infant.  Then I googled a crayon so I could draw the logo and squigly lines also out of felt and just hot glued to the costume.  The hat is one of those cheerleader mega phones that I found at party city for a couple of dollars and then I covered it in more pink felt with a hot glue gun and put some elastic in it to keep it on Rylea’s head.  Her legs are covered with baby legs which I made out of women’s crew socks that I got at WalMart for $2.  From head to toe I think I spent a little over $7 or something to make a really stinkin cute crayon!


Devin as Tiger Woods.

 Here is Devin as Tiger Woods.  We painted his head and arms brown with brown cream paint and he just wore some of his work clothes, grabbed a club out of the garage, and put a batting glove in his back pocket.  Probably one of the funniest costumes I’ve seen.




I leave you with the most adorable picture of Rylea in a mullet wig.

Labor Day

Sunday was great. We went over to Jen and Jarrad’s house to hang out with them and also with Haley and Joe (and their 2 adorable babies – Caden and Casey), and Miranda (and her 2 adorable babies – Emmalee and Mia). It was just a huge blessing to have food and fellowship at a time when Devin and I are really struggling to fill our pantry with food. God just sends us these amazing blessings and continues to encourage us every day. Jen and Jarrad got Rylea this cute little panda bear that she loves. She reaches for it in the best way her tiny little 3 month old hands can work and she tries her hardest to shove as much of it as possible into her mouth. Jen and Jarrad are such a blessing to us and they usually have a small gift for Rylea everytime they see her. I don’t know what we did to get such great friends, but I thank God for them every day!

Things I never thought I’d do in a lifetime…

1. Pick someone’s boogers
2. Have poop under my fingernails (sometimes mutiple times a day)
3. Have puke in my hair
4. Wake up on wet sheets, reeking of spoiled milk
5. Be peed on
6. Willingly place a person in a chair to have a front row seat to watch me shower
7. Last 9 weeks with 3-4 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period
8. Give up coffee for 9 months and then even longer
9. Lend my finger/knuckle to someone to suck on
10. Stare obssessively at someone sleeping
11. Make ridiculously stupid faces and sounds just to see one tiny smile
12. Kiss someone, other than my husband, 1000 times a day
13. Forget to shower or eat (most likely because I’m too busy with #11 and 12)
14. Grow a set of “mommy claws” (you know, the kind that come out when some stranger at the grocery store sticks their head all the way into the carseat!)
15. Be a mommy

2 Month Checkup

Well, even though Rylea is 3 months old, today was her 2 month check up. She got up at 5:30 this morning, and I fed her and then she went back to sleep around 6. I got up and took a shower and got dressed, ate breakfast, and took care of the dogs. Then around 7:50 I got Rylea out of her crib and put her in her carseat to go to the doc. She was still sleepy (she doesn’t usually wake up until 9am) and slept the whole way there. She’s such a good baby.

Here are her stats from her checkup today:
Height – 23 inches
Weight – 10 lbs 9 oz
Turns out she’s still tall and skinny.
She got 2 shots, one in each thigh. That was awful. Devin and I hated it and so did Rylea. She screamed her tiny head off and let everyone know that she hated it too. But, she was better a couple minutes later after daddy picked her up and hugged her. Oh yeah, Devin got to come to her appointment this morning. 🙂 At his old job that would have been out of the question, but this new course is different and he got to leave to come hang out with us in the doctor’s office this morning. I’m happy he was there to do the shot thing with me in case he needed to take care of both his girls!

So, all in all, this morning was a success. We’re home now and Rylea is nursing. She’ll take a nap and then Jody is coming over sometime later today to hang out!


When people first meet Rylea or when they see her for the first time, one of the first questions I get asked is how am I sleeping at night. Most people are surprised when I say I’m not having any issues, and Rylea has been sleeping through the night since 9 weeks. I thought I’d share what has worked for Devin and I in this area.

Ever since Rylea was about 6 weeks old we instated a nighttime routine with her. No matter what our day together looked like or how many times she slept or ate, we have always done the same thing with her every night. We decided that nighttime would be daddy time for Rylea and Devin does it all with her at night. He doesn’t see her all day like I do, and he treasures that time he gets with her at night.

I breastfeed her for the last time somewhere around 8pm and then our routine starts anytime between 9 and 10. Rylea just starts to get fussy somewhere in there and we know we need to get going. We bring her upstairs and Devin gets her undressed and ready for a bath. (I always run the bath and get it all ready so that he gets more time with her). He plays with her and gets her in a really great and funny mood and then sits her in the bath for about 10 minutes. While Devin’s getting splashed and having a great time, I work on getting her diaper, jammies, lotion, and bib all layed out and I warm up a bottle of formula. (We keep the formula and bottle warmer upstairs so it’s all right there at night). *The reasons she gets formula before bed are because it seems to stick with her longer so she doesn’t wake up at night to eat, and it also gives Devin a chance to feed her because I’m breastfeeding her all day and he just loves that time with her. It also gives me time time to pump too.* Then Devin gets her out of the bath, dresses her and gives her a bottle. He burps her, rocks her to sleep and then puts her in her crib (she’s been sleeping in her crib for a little over a week now). By the time she goes down, it’s usually 10:30 and she’ll sleep until 6am (sometimes 7). I get her up to change her and feed her and then she’ll go back to sleep until 9am.

This whole routine has transitioned into creating other routines for her during the day, and my life with her is so much easier now. She’s predictable and my day is much more productive. I know when I can sit down to work on my business stuff or when I can eat lunch. I know when she’s going to need me and she’s much happier with me and I’m much happier with more sleep!

When we started this whole thing, it took Ry about 2 weeks to get it, and she has her days and nights switched, turning me into a zombie mommy. But, with some persistence and perseverence, we all figured it out, and that is just what has worked for us!

Friends, Family, and Food


P6120011Having a baby is an enormous, and undeserved blessing in and of itself, but the family and friends that have surrounded us and prayed for us these past two weeks are priceless.

Yesterday and Thursday Jason and Jody (Jason is Devin’s cousin, and they are our neighbors) provided us with dinner.  We got to go over to their house (we live right next door) and we had Taco Bell on Thursday night and last night Jody made a great salmon dinner with veggies, rice, and chocolate pie for dessert.  Then today, Jen and Jarrad brought lunch for us from Il Primo, and they even ordered extra so we would have enough for leftovers and snacks, amazing.  Ashley has brought us pizza, spaghetti, and chicken casserole among other things, and a woman that Jody works with, Donna, made us some roasted chicken one night.  I can’t even begin to express how thankful we are for all the food, company, and help we’ve had these past two weeks!  I’m not sure what I’m going to do when I have to start cooking again, thankfully, I won’t have to worry about that for  a while though because Devin’s mom is coming on MONDAY and I know we’re going to be well fed for sure.  God is so good to us!